Nowadays, you can get scale versions of your favourite movie, TV, game and comic characters and prop replicas at up to photorealistic quality. The best versions command high prices making them suitable for adult collectors only. However, there is an abundance of collectible companies offering merchandise at varying prices and levels of realism. That's great news for collectors, because it means you have a wide choice of options to suit your budget and wants. Here are some of our favourite brands which we think you should know about and a little bit of history on each.

Adult film star action figures

Adult film star action figures

Adult film star action figures

Mini Muppets action figures by Palisades. In a move that would create global popularity for this type of toy, Hasbro also licensed the product to companies in other markets. Patsy 12" figure. List of toys List of wooden toys. Lady Death: Dark Alliance series digures action figures by Chaos.

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Buy It Now 2. It was hard, because I had to pose like I was holding the snowboard, but the board wasn't there. Pine St. Show only. Today Tomorrow This Weekend. Orlando Weekly 16 W. Used Adult film star action figures. So who's buying this stuff? Authorized Seller. Free International Shipping. Save porn star action figure to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed.

These figures are usually marketed toward boys and adult collectors.

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Poe Ghostal here. The figures had voice chips. You can see where this is going. McFarlane Toys, for its part, claimed that it was a simple mix-up at the warehouse. Fan-favorite G. Joe villain Zartan was once controversial? Just a little. Zartan was a master of disguise. Grows into various multiple personalities to such an extent that the original personality becomes buried and forgotten. And now this company creates the notion that the mentally ill are alien and enemy creatures, rather than people who need our help and understanding.

Action figures of mass murderers — even fictional mass murderers — are just not something that can come out in toy stores without someone noticing. In , Bif Bang Pow created an action figure based on the main character of Dexter , a TV show about a serial killer who hunts other killers.

In , Matchbox Toys produced a Freddy Krueger doll. It was one of those pull-the-string dolls clearly intended for children. Guess what? Some urged a boycott of Matchbox products, so after the initial shipments, Matchbox ceased production. The line was based on the idea of dressing up a regular doll to look like a monster character. For the full story of the promising rise and the bitter fall of Maxx FX, check out this website.

Steve the Tramp is a character from the Dick Tracy newspaper strip. Six decades later, the character made a brief appearance in the Warren Beatty film. Playmates Toys, meanwhile, were looking to capitalize on their recent success with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toyline, which was just beginning to lose a little steam.

The figure wore a ski mask and trenchcoat and came with an arsenal of weapons. To many customers, it was far too reminiscent of the perpetrators of the Columbine High School massacre that had occurred just a few months later.

Although the figure had been in development before the tragedy, Sears quickly pulled the toys after receiving a number of complaints. It became the biggest hit of the Rambo series. Joe, a Rambo cartoon and accompanying toy line was developed. Called Rambo: The Force of Freedom , it was the first kids cartoon ever based on an R-rated film though it would soon be followed by Robocop. Protesters particularly complained about Nomad, the stereotypical turban-wearing Arab terrorist of the toy line.

After receiving a number of complaints about the character and figure, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee successfully lobbied Coleco into ceasing production of the figure. Man, the categories for the Guinness Book of World Records has gotten really specific these days. Within a month of the initial complaints, Plan-B toys had discontinued the figure. They claimed the figures commercialized slavery. With their fabric clothing, the figures just look too much like dolls.

The Weinstein Company asked NECA to stop production on the figures, but the way NECA operates, chances are the figures had all already been produced and shipped to stores by the time the controversy arose. Back he was still creating amazing comics instead of being crazy, Frank Miller gave us Sin City.

People went nuts over this thing. How about an incest doll? McFarlane Toys, for their part, produced as many Death Row Marv figures as they could and laughed all the way to the bank. In many ways Death Row Marv was a watershed moment in the growth of the of adult action figure market.

But just as people got used to darker comics, so did they get used to darker toys. Daily Lists. About The Author.

We even make exclusive versions for Tower Records and EntertainmentEarth. This page was last updated: Oct Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than U. Jump to comments. You have the classic blonde, Jenna Jameson, either wearing a removable cheerleading outfit or arching her back against a pole.

Adult film star action figures

Adult film star action figures

Adult film star action figures

Adult film star action figures. Newsletters

Using what they call the "xXx" scanning method, Plastic Fantasy has taken female adult stars only female, so far and created anatomically correct, 7-inch-tall replicas. The toys aren't just for closet porn junkies or losers with no chance of getting anywhere near a real naked body; they're going mainstream, as indicated by the fact that Plastic Fantasy is on its fourth series of figures.

So who's buying this stuff? People who like toys, apparently. We even make exclusive versions for Tower Records and EntertainmentEarth. The demographics are across the board, and it is pretty evenly divided among males and females. There's a 7-inch porn star for every taste. You have the classic blonde, Jenna Jameson, either wearing a removable cheerleading outfit or arching her back against a pole.

Then there's the seductive brunette, Sydnee Steele, standing in an alluring pose with a snowboard. Of course, they would probably end up looking awkward in the same way that the Ewok toys did when placed next to my old Star Wars action figures. I always had a sneaking suspicion that there was something going on between Wicket and Leia; the height difference was just perfect for What's it like to have your sexual exploits immortalized in toy form?

Let's ask Sydnee Steele, winner of the prestigious Adult Video News award for best group-sex scene in a video: "It's a fun little piece of my career," says Steele, adding that she was impressed with how exact the process was.

I had to stand very still in a couple different positions. It was hard, because I had to pose like I was holding the snowboard, but the board wasn't there. Then we went into a different room, where I picked a few expressions and they scanned my head into the system. The figures will soon gain several new innovations, including voice chips so they can look dirty and talk dirty, too!

Next up for Plastic Fantasy: porn-star bobble heads called Jigglers. Jiggler No. Jenna jiggles from the waist, giving uncanny life to her plastic boobs. Consider supporting local journalism. Our small but mighty local team works tirelessly to bring you high-quality, uncensored news and cultural coverage of Central Florida. Delivery Options.

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A long time ago, in a Hollywood far away, tie-in movie toys were an afterthought, if that. Then kids picked up the first plastic Han Solos. An overall decline in toy company profits, reported by Bloomberg, suggests that the movie action figure may be going out of fashion.

The first action figure was actually inspired by Barbie, in Comic book and TV figures started springing up, and such was the success of the first Star Wars film, in , that toymaker Kenner ended up producing empty boxes with certificates promising tie-in action figures as soon as they became available. The result made him a billionaire. In a postmodern twist, the phenomenon has led to several franchises specifically designed to sell pre-existing toys.

That trend saw a resurgence in the noughties as studios defaulted to known franchises: Transformers got a seemingly unending reboot from Michael Bay , and GI Joe finally landed his own movie , for better or worse. So why the downturn? Gene del Vecchio, a marketing professor and the author of Creating Blockbusters! Video and mobile games greatly enhance that ability.

The age appeal of action figures has been declining for decades due to the rise of video games. It certainly seems that kids are dropping their toys at a younger age: not just maturing earlier, but distracted by a host of entertainment choices. Physical stuff is too analogue for them. Speak to a parent of a child approaching their tweens and they tell a similar story.

He and his friends say they now like to keep the action figures as ornaments to look at and only to play with once in a while. Amanda Moore, whose daughter Haidee is nearly eight, backs this up.

Where she once had everything with Frozen on, now she is not so swayed by the tie-ins. I think the pull lessens as you get older. So are online companies taking a bigger piece of the pie? But in , nine out of the 10 top films had licensed characters associated with them, from Star Wars to Beauty and the Beast to Wonder Woman to Thor.

Julius thinks the increased choice has impacted on the quality of the products. Kids, though, they have grown up in a world where every other movie has its own line of merchandise, and that merchandise is often quite poorly produced. Supposing the action figure really is in jeopardy, how might this affect the movie industry?

Given that superhero movies make up a huge part of the market, all eyes will be on Marvel and DC, although you will have to wait a while to see a change: these growing universes plan years in advance. The Star Wars merchandise numbers were surely one of the reasons that Disney splashed out on the franchise, although box office figures have been through the roof, thanks to high-quality films as well as marketing and brand loyalty.

Both were phenomenal, but money at the box office often equates to money in the toy aisle, pure and simple. The film was noted for opening the comic book genre up to larger black audiences — perhaps the toys will have the same effect. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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Adult film star action figures

Adult film star action figures