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Amateur photographer forum

Amateur photographer forum

Amateur photographer forum

Amateur photographer forum

Replies: 30 Views: For shopping decissions forim out: dpreview. The Sony a9 might be a Amateur photographer forum of years old now, but as we demonstrate in this Sony a9 review, it is still one of the best cameras in its class, particularly when it comes to its autofocus capabilities. MJBMar 14, Definitely agree with everything you're saying, I'm not planning on going out and buying an expensive camera tomorrow or even any camera. Web Sites of Interest A place to point other forum members to photographically interesting web sites you've come across. Dec 16, JMK Sep 12, Long-zoom compacts fill the gap between pocketable cameras and interchangeable lens models with expensive Amateur photographer forum, offering a photographwr combination foruum lens reach and Jiffy lemon pie. Share This Page.

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Latest: hello from wales grayOct 6, The Sony a9 might be a couple of years old now, but as we demonstrate in this Sony a9 review, it is still one of the best cameras in its phoographer, particularly when it comes to its autofocus capabilities. Latest: What grinds your gears? Forthcoming Events Tell other members about forthcoming events and photo opportunities. Please read the Sticky at the head of the forum prior to posting. If you want learn and expand your photography skills then there is one place to Amateur photographer forum it Photography Forum!!! Project closed - Amateur photographer forum only. Log in Register. Amateur Torum. Nikon Chat Nikon users can discuss their gear here.

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I'm an amateur photographer, heavy emphasis on the amateur. I've always taken photos recreationally never really putting much thought into them until now. However I don't own an actual camera, or have any "professional" knowledge about photography what differentiates a good camera from a bad camera. I'm looking to start off with a cheap basic camera I don't want to invest too much right at the beginning.

I've been using my phone to take pictures, and they come out good, but I know they would be even better with a camera. What you want, like "better angles etc", you can do with your phone. Even if you cannot do some of those things with your phone. Doesn't matter right now. Once you are able to take good images with your phone, look for a better camera. In the mean time, save your money so you can buy what you want in the end and not some cheap compromise that you might outgrow within six months.

Remember, images are made between 2 and 6 inches behind the camera or your phone and a camera is actually the least important factor for a great image. How about that for a better camera? I was looking to buy a camera but there's just so many models and different versions it's very intimidating for someone who doesn't really know anything. I was also looking into buying used cameras just because they're a lot cheaper and usually come with a lens or two.

What would you be Interested In. Sorry But the 2 Pictures in your Port are pretty awful and Opposite of where you need to be.. First Off. Give us a idea of what and where you wanna be. Do you see yourself doing this?? Im sorry, I don't unless your very VERY committed.

Can you do this? Let me know and I'll Help. Hate to burst your bubble, but a better camera does not make you a better Photographer. You seem to have trouble with any understanding of basic composition and composition is one way to improve your images regardless of camera. As long as you have trouble with the basic of all basics, you are wasting your money.

A few years ago, I gave a class to seniors about how to take better pictures with their cell phones. This class was well received and cell phone cameras weren't even all that sophisticated as they are today. So, even though I never do this, I make an exception here with a shameless plug to a basic composition paper I wrote for that class. I hope it helps. This is why. A Nikon D or a Sony A I'm really interested in shooting landscapes and nature as a priority, shooting people is less of a priority for me.

And yeah I agree, I uploaded multiple pictures just as a test to see if they would get uploaded or not. Are verticals in general a bad idea? Or just the ones I took? Whats the best way to learn and understand these 5 concepts?

If I had to give an answer to that I'd say landscape and nature, as that's what I'm really interested in shooting. I'm definitely willing to put in the work, or as much as I can seeing as how I'm a full time student. I'm not really planning on buying a camera until a couple of months down the road into this anyways. Everything you said is simply the truth, I'm not going into this with an ego or pride. Just trying to learn, don't have a reason to be angry.

Definitely agree with everything you're saying, I'm not planning on going out and buying an expensive camera tomorrow or even any camera. I'll definitely read your article and take as much as I can from it to improve. Or a 50 dollar 35mm film camera and I guarantee when you make Mistakes it's gonna cost ya Money. Best way to learn. Ya learn a LOT quicker.

I don't disagree with Laurin, A film camera is going to cost you. Depending on your location, finding reasonably priced film and a film processor that won't charge you an arm and a leg may be hard to find. Given this cost you can't afford to make mistakes in exposure, composition, etc. Or you choose not to shoot much. There is also the cost of converting your image to digital if you choose to upload to a stock agency.

For this reason, we lazy 21st century people like digital images as that info is recorded along with the photograph. That information, in turn can explain a lot of your image failures i. Just my thoughts for what they're worth.

Definitely, I'm not opposed to investing into good equipment, but I'd rather learn the craft better before taking any major steps. And I definitely don't want to use film.

I had been shooting Canon film cameras since the early 80s. And I loved it. I was no longer bound to a film roll of 24 or 36 exposures. And I didn't have to pay for prints on shots I didn't like. My cell phone takes great pictures. I hardly ever use it for that. I like the feel of a DSLR in my hands. And when the sun is too bright to shoot with a cell phone, it's nice to see what you're getting in that viewfinder.

Finally, don't discount the looks you get from people seeing you on the street with a fully professional DSLR. Can't tell you how many times I've overheard a guy with a hot girlfriend on his arm tell her what a "great camera that is" as they pass by, whether it's my Nikon or Canon. Cameras aren't just tools, they remain a status symbol, and though that's not a reason to buy one, it feels good to have that "bling" around your neck.

But I digress. Start cheap with the body, invest in good glass if you can, and have fun. I still have that Rebel XT. Still works to this day. In the same boat like you taking pictures with an iPhone but would like to get a real camera one day to learn how to make photos with it. Perhaps the canon D or SL2 would be a good choice to learn.

Yeah I agree, I'm not going to start off with film because I know I'll be making tons of mistakes and I don't want to waste money. Digital seems to be the best option, and in the end I am only doing this for myself. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Posted November 14, Hello, I'm an amateur photographer, heavy emphasis on the amateur. What camera would you guys recommend for someone who is just starting out? Also any tips you could give me about photography in general would be really helpful. Thank you. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted November 19, That's what I would do. Posted November 20, Are you ready to do the work??? Show it. Talk don't mean Much Did I make you mad at me??? If so ItsAmzz, I don't disagree with Laurin, A film camera is going to cost you. As already stated, learn photography before putting out any money. Posted November 21, Posted November 22,

Discussions: 61 Messages: 55, This site uses cookies. Canon RF mm F2. Get help for ideas, picking pictures and chat about the winners. Would people agree this is the best option?

Amateur photographer forum

Amateur photographer forum

Amateur photographer forum

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Amateur photographer forum

Amateur photographer forum

Amateur photographer forum