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Age and time have little to do with maturity; there are plenty of mature young people and just as many from older generations who are childish. Maturity is about the way you act and interact with the world around you. How to be mature? You have to act and behave in certain ways. You have to think differently.

As one matures our mentality changes

As one matures our mentality changes

As one matures our mentality changes

As one matures our mentality changes

As one matures our mentality changes

You know that, when it chabges down to it, we are all born equal and we all die equal. Self-awareness Maturity grows from a seed of awareness; an awareness of the self and the actions you take. All rights reserved. Antenatal Cognitive Hairy sativa of infants Positive youth development Young adult Positive adult development Maturity. Sherrie Campbell. Age and time have little to do with maturity; chwnges are plenty of mature young people and just as many from older generations who are childish.

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Mental health is synonymous with maturity, and maturity is born of responsibility.

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Age and time have little to do with maturity; there are plenty of mature young people and just as many from older generations who are childish. Maturity is about the way you act and interact with the world around you. How to be mature? You have to act and behave in certain ways.

You have to think differently. A mature person embodies various traits that distinguish them from others. A selection of 15 such traits are discussed below. Self-awareness Maturity grows from a seed of awareness; an awareness of the self and the actions you take. Being self-aware means you are able to look at yourself through the eyes of an observer. You can take a somewhat neutral stance to watch your thoughts, actions, and emotions before applying a rational filter to them.

Essentially, self-awareness is about building up an understanding of your personality; its strengths and weakness, its potential and limitations, and every little nuance. Once you have established a robust awareness of yourself, you are better positioned to exert a degree of self-control. You can identify urges that build up within your mind and resist the temptation to act on them. This might, for example, be the difference between getting angry and remaining calm when someone does something you dislike.

A mature person is better placed to show restraint towards things that might be detrimental to their short or long term well-being. Accountability When you reach a certain level of maturity, you grasp what a great responsibility it is to be human. You accept that we are all accountable for our own choices and the wider impact they may have on the world.

The belief that things happen to you is eroded and replaced with a proactive mindset that understands the consequences of your actions. No longer will you live passively among the world; you take strides to change to your situation where necessary so that you can live conscientiously. Humility Even though you appreciate the importance of each decision you take, you remain a humble and modest person.

You never take yourself to be above others, regardless of your status, wealth, power, or influence. You know that, when it comes down to it, we are all born equal and we all die equal. You refrain from letting any personal success go to your head and you treat people fairly and respectfully whatever capacity it may be in. Self-acceptance Mature people are able to accept themselves for who they are; they practice kindness even in the face of their shortcomings.

You can seek to improve yourself and grow as an individual, but maturity allows you to take your present situation and all the past events that have led to it and make peace with them. It is only when you are able to accept where you are now that you can plan your path for the future.

Alongside acceptance of yourself comes a sense of gratitude for all of the wonderful things that exist in your life. You develop the ability to see the immense benefits and value of both big and the small. You are thankful for the people with whom you spend your time, the basic needs that are met daily, the experiences you enjoy, and the gift of life itself. You never take things for granted because you appreciate that not everyone is so fortunate.

This drives them towards charity of all kinds as they seek to spread love and positivity throughout society. They are wholehearted givers who rarely seek reward or recognition for the kindness they show.

Rather than the separation that comes from putting your own interests first, you are determined to do whatever you can to promote unity and oneness. You celebrate the success of others and embrace movements that seek to improve the welfare of everyone and not just the privileged few.

This is opposed to the jealousy, envy and self-promotion that often flows through immature individuals. Open-mindedness Maturity breaks down the mental barriers and unlocks a sense of liberalism in an individual. No longer do you see things as black and white or right and wrong. You also allow your beliefs to soften so as to accept the possibility that you may be mistaken at times.

When you mature and rediscover the open-mindedness that existed during your childhood, your sense of awe and wonder also return. This means you are once again able to view the universe as the incredible and beautiful thing that it is. You can find excitement in the miracles of nature and the immense complexity of your own existence. This wonder leads you to ask many deep questions about life and explore the possible answers for them. Optimism Tinged With Realism A mature individual is one who is able to look upon the life with an air of optimism while still maintaining roots in reality.

You understand that good things cannot happen all of the time, but you try to maintain a positive mindset in every situation because you know that the alternative is defeatism and despair.

You look forward to the future and all of the possibilities that exist, but you are mentally prepared to face difficulties as and when they arise. Flexibility One of the ways in which you stay so positive is by remaining as flexible as possible to the circumstances you face. You are not stubborn , your views are open to change, and you accept unpredictability as part and parcel of life.

You can think on your feet and adapt to things as and when they happen. The opposite of this is to dig your heels in and refuse to change even when things change around you; this is how an immature person lives. Tied in closely with your flexibility and optimism is a resilient nature that helps you to cope with whatever comes your way. Even when things get ugly, you keep your chin up and seek solutions to your problems.

You do not dwell on your sorrows or seek pity from others; you have the bravery to step up, tackle the hurdles in front of you, and get back to the path you wish to take. You are also blessed with immense patience which helps you to bide your time before enjoying the fruits of your labor.

You understand that the things you want in life do not always comes as soon as you wish them to; they have to be worked for and waited for at times. You know that there is little use in projecting your own expectations onto others because they have lived an entirely different life to you. When you mature within yourself, you no longer feel the need to deceive others. You can be open, honest and sincere with those around you and trust that whatever their reaction to you, it is better than concealing the truth.

You have no desire to wear a mask, no need to lie to others, and are comfortable with who you are — warts and all.

How many of these traits can you identify in your life and which do you need to work on? Leave a comment below to let us know. You may also like

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As one matures our mentality changes

As one matures our mentality changes

As one matures our mentality changes. Reader Interactions

People have gone under hypnosis, counseled with motivational gurus, and even tried religious meditation. How did you get your present mentality? As you live life, daily examine your mental photo intakes, your environment, what kind of people you are around and the kind of words they use. Your answer to changing your mentality with ease is right under your nose.

People, animals and things have a natural propensity to adapt to their environment. You are who and what you spend your time with daily. However, it is also true that whatever information you take in from whatever source is what you become.

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Our Personalities Are Constantly Changing Although We Think Otherwise |

Mental health is synonymous with maturity, and maturity is born of responsibility. You cannot be mentally or emotionally healthy if you are irresponsible.

People with maturity understand a great truth; they understand that life is difficult. In being able to accept this fact about life, mature people learn to handle life in all of its difficulties, not expecting it to be different. They have learned to accept that not everything in life is going to be their way, show up in the way they thought it would and nor will the world change on its axis to make them happier. Mature people know for any change to happen it has to come from within themslves, and this is where success or failure develop.

To follow is a list of those attitudes and principles. Mature people are passionate about self-development, psychology and understanding the inner workings of themselves and the workings of the world.

They are open to learn and apply the principles they gain from their explorations in personal development to all areas of their life. Mature people typically have a team around them, from therapists to coaches to keep them in check and on the path to living a life they love.

Life is going to be full of problems. The whole process of meeting and solving problems is what gives life its deeper meaning. Problems call forth our courage and wisdom. It is only through being able to walk calmly and bravely through difficulties that the mature develop any sense of trust in God, life or in themselves. It is through this process they grow emotionally and mentally. A positive attitude comes naturally to the mature person. They have faith in the concept that with enough hard work, patience and persistence things will work out.

They have mastered the principles of being in mutually beneficial relationships and staying out of relationships which do not serve them or their highest good.

Mature people have lived life and sought personal growth which allows them the freedom of their independence. Through commitment and life experience mature people have developed an independent mindset and live life following the principles and purposes they have set for themselves, regardless of what other people say and think.

This sense of independence brings fearlessness to their personality, and the resilience to be true to who they are. These are not people who follow the crowd, or the establishment; they follow their hearts, passions and desires. Mature people have found a way to ground themselves in self-control.

They know that those things worthy of their time will require their patience, persistence and effort. Mature people are able to delay gratification. They enhance their experiences of pleasure by first dealing with and experiencing their pain and getting it over with. In other words, they place their responsibilities before leisure as the only successful way to live. The mature are willing to tolerate feelings of discomfort long enough to find solutions to their problems. An immediate solution may represent gratification to many, but mature people know that the best solutions come with delaying the need to get rid of the problem quickly.

Mature people live with high integrity. They are committed to knowing, hearing and working within the truth no matter how hurtful or stressful that truth may be. Mature people are also willing and committed to telling the truth even when it is humiliating and difficult for oneself or another. They have an open mind to hear counsel and to respond to reproof. Those with maturity live successful lives because they spend zero time blaming others for their problems.

They take accountability for their actions as a way to further learn and grow. The mature person is able to understand that life is what they make it. When a person with maturity loves something and it is of value to them, they spend time with it, working on it, taking care of it and enjoying it. They value themselves and therefore see their time as valuable and they have the deep desire to use their time well. For this reason, they are open to interruption and will make themselves accessible whenever it is important.

Because they value themselves and their own time they also value the time they give and spend with others, and make those commitments a priority in their lives. Mature people live with a natural feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for the expansive range of people, events and circumstances in their lives. Because maturity is based in responsibility, mature people live with higher levels of happiness and lower levels of depression and stress.

The emotionally mature turn their happiness into sharing and generosity. They offer helpful services to others as a way to spread their own wealth and joy in ways that circle back. When their giving circles back, the emotionally mature experience even deeper levels of pleasure, personal satisfaction and gratitude for what they have been given in life to now gift back.

In short, maturity is a choice for everyone. You can choose to live as a mature person. You can choose to live consciously with established principles and attitudes, or you can choose to live continuously beaten up and defeated by the struggles and miseries of life. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president.

You realize that you control your own destiny. Entrepreneur Media, Inc. By giving your consent below, you are agreeing to the use of that data. Revoke Consent Submit Consent. Personal Development. Maturity, the essential characteristic of a leader, does not just come with age. It is a goal we work to achieve. Next Article -- shares Add to Queue. Image credit: Shutterstock.

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As one matures our mentality changes

As one matures our mentality changes