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Have you ever thought about leaving everything behind? What if you could start over, just hit the reset button and escape your life? But, in June of , while attending a real estate seminar in San Diego, Eric Myers, 34, pulled off the great escape, disappearing from his life and vanishing without a trace. For nearly two decades no one knew where Eric Myers was. Police in two states and a private investigator only turned up dead ends.

Gay men reels

All of us at Out! Social Media. While in college Myers couldn't shake his memories of a sweet girl he knew named Anne. Reverend Teels Macaulay, an openly gay Church of England minister, wants to Gay men reels his boyfriend. Play Eric Myers. He remembers thinking that at first Cabo would Bulges videos be a temporary getaway.

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Have you ever thought about leaving everything behind? What if you could start over, just hit the reset button and escape your life? But, in June of , while attending a real estate seminar in San Diego, Eric Myers, 34, pulled off the great escape, disappearing from his life and vanishing without a trace.

For nearly two decades no one knew where Eric Myers was. Police in two states and a private investigator only turned up dead ends. After being missing for 16 years and being declared legally dead by his family, Eric Myers decided to come back into his family's lives.

But he came back. He got away clean, but he came back, and destroyed everybody's life in the process," said Anglen. Why would a wealthy, successful real estate agent living the American dream just throw everything away? Eric Myers was the third of five kids born to Don and Joan Myers in a suburb just outside of Phoenix. The conservative, wealthy Myers family lived among luxury homes, picturesque golf courses and influential neighbors.

In high school, Myers was a popular class president who was also considered a class clown. While in college Myers couldn't shake his memories of a sweet girl he knew named Anne. He proposed to her over the phone. What appeared to be a storybook marriage was completed by two daughters, Erin and Kirsten.

The family was deeply religious and soon grew to include three adopted boys from Vietnam. While Eric's career, as a property manager in his father's booming real estate business, was taking off, he confided to his friend David Vandervoort that he was in over his head.

Big time. And he was borrowing money from his dad's company to pay it back," said Vandervoort. And despite picture-perfect appearances, Eric's marriage was on the rocks.

So he felt trapped. But yet he was doing the Christian thing by staying married," said Vandervoort. There was talk of divorce, and on June 25, , as Eric headed to a real estate seminar in San Diego, little did his family know he wouldn't be coming back.

But of course that's not what happened," said Anglen. There were some hints of foul play as authorities searched for Myers, but they all became dead ends. Eric Myers had completely vanished. But nobody knows where he is, nobody knows where he went. Myers' family was left reeling. His youngest daughter was devastated. She said she cried herself to sleep every night for weeks. Ruggiano and her sister were 8 and 10 at the time of their father's disappearance.

But where did Eric Myers go, and how could he leave his wife and children behind? Eric says he was robbed on the last day of his San Diego business trip, then spent the night in a seedy motel with only a few hundred dollars in his pocket.

He says the next morning he woke up and in a swirling moment of emotional despair headed south, to Mexico. He says the details of his trip are hazy but he remembers crossing the border in Tijuana and buying a bus ticket to Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo, with its warm sandy beaches, provided a total escape from a life which he says held a secret that would shake his religious roots to their core. Myers said that because he was gay, he felt forced to create a fake persona from a young age.

He said that he believed having a girlfriend would help make him feel how he was "supposed" to feel. He turned to religion and at the age of 13 became fervently evangelical, he said. I want to be with men," said Myers. When religion didn't work, he thought marrying Anne and starting a family would help. But it didn't, and ultimately the lie caught up with him on that business trip to San Diego, he said.

He remembers thinking that at first Cabo would just be a temporary getaway. You can still do this and still be OK. Maybe a week. Maybe two weeks," said Myers. But Myers didn't go back. Two weeks turned into four months, and then, without one phone call home, he headed to Palm Springs, Calif. Myers said that while searching for a new job, he met Sean Lung, a tourist from Canada, and they immediately connected.

Myers and Lung soon moved in together and frequently traveled together. Myers assumed different identities and took odd jobs that didn't require an ID. All the while, Eric's family was forced to go through life without their father and dad, and in , Myers was declared legally dead. Myers said that during that time he tried to avoid thinking about the life he had left behind. And I will never be painted as a saint.

But no one is all good, and no one is all bad," said Myers. Myers' daughter Kirsten, now 30, had a hard time not thinking about her missing father. She sought out ways to ease her pain. She said she spent years struggling with addiction and got sober largely to lessen the burden on her mother.

Anne Myers helped her family cope with their loss throughout the years. Together they celebrated birthdays, proms and graduations -- all without their dad and husband.

In , 16 years after Myers disappeared, cryptic email messages started to show up in the inboxes of Myers' friends and family. Through a friend, Myers arranged to reconnect with his mother, Joan Myers. He said she welcomed him back with open arms.

Myers and Lung moved in with Myers' parents and helped care for his father in the last few years of his life. The return dealt a severe blow to Myers' now ex-wife and his children, especially his youngest daughter, a mother of two who had finally found happiness and peace in her life.

Ruggiano has only glimpsed her father once since he returned. She has not spoken to him. Despite the painful consequences, Myers insisted he made the right decision to return. To Ruggiano, her father saying that he left because he was gay does not make up for all of the years lost. I don't believe that he is capable of love," said Ruggiano. All rights reserved. Play Eric Myers. Gone 16 Years, Dad Reappears Gay.

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