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My Dear, Sweet, Lovely Readers! I must, once again, offer my apologies for being so absent lately. As the flames of time would have it, my time has been burning up with life and health issues that have not left much time to burn up on the blog or other fun things. So…here is this weeks funtime. There are some good ones here….

Hump day jokes

Hump day jokes

All pictures are courtesy of Google Images and Pinterest and are credited where possible. What nursery rhyme do blondes hear every Wednesday? Why do you ask, Two Hump day jokes Hkmp Funny, but not suitable for a daytime blog of a company who does sell care packages for camp aged children with readers such as Saul from Hump day jokes who is so censorious of my attempts at humor. By continuing to use this jokws, you agree to their use. Guy: You better believe it! Bee Organized with Pamela To help you organize and contain your clutter. Superman was flying around Metropolis on a sunny day, and it was a boring one. Get 15 percent off Apollo temple gay movie Diva's Hump day jokes Halloween nails with this exclusive discount code.

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This cat is not happy it's Wednesday—and that's totally fine! Sharing tips with you. Delivered by FeedBurner. Girl if you were a camel, I'd Nude codes for playstation you. A lumpy milkshake! Wednesday Pick-Up Line : Hello there. Funny, but not suitable Hump day jokes a daytime blog of a company who does sell care packages for camp aged children with readers such as Saul from Astoria who is so censorious of my attempts at humor. Humpty Dumpty. If getting through the workweek is like Hump day jokes a mountainthen making it to Wednesday is like reaching its peak. On which day of the week do hipsters launch their newest trends? I said it was difficult! August 28, at pm. And why would this adorable puppy lie to you?

If getting through the workweek is like climbing a mountain , then making it to Wednesday is like reaching its peak.

  • What do you call a week without a Wednesday?
  • If getting through the workweek is like climbing a mountain , then making it to Wednesday is like reaching its peak.

Posted in Funny by Turtle on February 1st, Happy Hump Day… a phrase that the world could live without. So lets laugh with these Hump Day Jokes. Visit Link. Click here to cancel reply. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Fun Links Daily. Hump Day Jokes Tweet. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Name required Mail will not be published required Website. Search for:.

And we don't worry about getting a hangover because you're dead anyway. We actually have a lot of fun down here. It is time for our weekly chuckle post…and there are some hi-larrrrrious ones this week. You don't mean It would be a lot easier to be a hard worker on Hump Day if my company didn't block access to porn sites on the internet. It swoops in to save you from two wicked nights of partying to begin a fresh new week.

Hump day jokes

Hump day jokes

Hump day jokes

Hump day jokes. Browse New Jokes:

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Life Jokes Sms. Naked Jokes. Life Humor. Hump day! Just once I'd like to actually get humped on hump day. Stop, drop, and twerk. It's hump day. Prison is the only place Hump Day is never celebrated. Happy Hump Day May all your ups and downs today be between the sheets or on the couch or the floor or the kitchen table.

Start your Hump Day with a warm cup of this tush. Featured Quote: " Never stop doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts. Thursday, October Become a Member!

Hump Day Jokes | From the Desk of MarDrag

Hump day comes every week. Every single week. It marks the official point of no return between last weekend and next weekend when that Friday finish line finally comes into view. We may all be stuck on a treadmill that's slowly wearing down, but when hump day rolls around, it's time for dreams of staying up late and sleeping in with no repercussions. Glad it's not still Tuesday , but bummed it not yet Thursday. Hump day memes refer to hump day, otherwise known as Wednesday , which falls right in the middle of the traditional five day work week.

The phrase imagines the work week as a hard climb to the middle of the week, after which it's all downhill. Reality seldom matches this fanciful portrayal of the work week , but hump day memes still persist as a sort of relief valve. No matter how tough the week may seem, hump day means that it's halfway over. Hump day memes are often used in a very literal sense to celebrate the fact that the user, and the readers, have survived halfway through the week, and that the next weekend is finally closer than the previous weekend.

Other related memes have a lighter take on the subject matter and make a joke about hump day. Text line two: That's something I haven't seen in a long time. The Ancient Aliens guy from the History channel, who has become internet-famous as the guy from the alien memes knows things. You can't argue with his logic. Well, you could, but we're not sure how much good it would do.

Share Pin Email. Jeremy Laukkonen is a Seattle-based tech writer and the creator of a popular blog and video game startup. As a writer for trade publications and Lifewire, he has endeavored to break down complex technical subjects so readers of every tech level can understand them. You do you, baby grumpy cat. The rest of us are happy that the week is halfway done. Same humpty hump day. Well, it probably is. Wake us up when hump day is over. We said hump day, not pon farr day, you incorrigible horn dog.

But please tone it down a little, it's just hump day. I don't think that means what you think it means. Don't mind us while we just back away slowly. We love hump day like Brick Tamland loves lamp. Say it isn't so. A memo would have probably been sufficient. Forget the scotch, we're cranking this celebration up to eleven. Not sure about bring your camel to work day, though.

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Hump day jokes

Hump day jokes