Licking ass in restroom stor-Licking ass in restroom stor

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Licking ass in restroom stor

Licking ass in restroom stor

Licking ass in restroom stor

I just sat there. Making your way to watching Femdom Scat videos Have you guys also made your way Licking ass in restroom stor watching Femdom Scat videos in a process similar to this? So, starting from that day, there were many times we had sex and I licked her asshole, when it was not after her taking a shower. Your shit will be gone in the toilet, it is just your asshole, there will be no much left there". Instead of telling it to her — I will try to gradually make it happen naturally!

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It had been a good night.

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Daniella had already been my girlfriend for about 6 months in those days. I thought to myself how I can tell her what I really like to do with her. I was attracted to her very much, and I really liked her to use my mouth as her toilet. I thought about it for a few days, how I can tell it to her without she taking it too hard, and finally I got to a genius idea — I will tell her nothing! Instead of telling it to her — I will try to gradually make it happen naturally!

I thought to myself — how can I create a gradual process which will end when she uses my mouth as a toilet? I decided on my first step — next time we make "69" oral sex, I will "accidentally" lick her asshole, hoping she would like the feeling of the "accident".

About 2 days later, at night, I was waiting for her in the bed, while she took a shower. She then finished her shower and came to the bedroom. She got on the bed and we immediately started making out. I got lied on my back and asked her to come above me, to be in "69" pose, so I can lick her pussy. She got on me and I started licking her pussy while she has a great pleasure. I thought to myself - "This is the time to act like I planned".

I finally started feeling her hole with my tongue and started licking it hardly. She suddenly asked me "What are you licking there? What should I answer her?

I didn't answer. She again asked me "Where are you licking me? Are you licking my ass? She said "Yes!! I really like this feeling! I will move my asshole towards you mouth". She then moved her pussy away from my face, and instead pushed her asshole into my mouth. I licked her asshole intensively for a few minutes until she got orgasm. This was the first step in the gradual process I wanted to make.

From that day, after she took a shower, licking her asshole was something we were doing naturally. After about a month, I thought it's time for the next step — licking her asshole even if she did not take a shower before.

It means that if she used the toilet after the last time she took a shower, her asshole will not be totally clean. But I've already licked her asshole many times, so I hoped she would let it happen. So a few days later, after we got back home from work, I started making out with her and we finally went to the bed. I again started licking her pussy while she lies above me in "69" pose.

For licking her asshole after a shower, I did not need to fake an accident as I did in the first time I licked her asshole. But at this time, the last time she took a shower was the night before, and I remembered that at the morning of this day she used the toilet for a long time.

She would probably not let me lick her asshole in such a situation. So again, I started to move my tongue upper towards her asshole, until I finally got it. I licked her asshole intensively. She said nothing! I could smell and even feel with my tongue, that her asshole is not as clean as when I do it to her after she takes a shower. But I liked it! She was enjoying while I was licking her asshole, and she did not pay attention to the shower issue. Then after a few minutes she got orgasm.

She then said "but I didn't take a shower! I answered, lying to her "Who cares? I did not feel any difference in smell or taste! She thought to herself for a second and answered "Wow! So it means we can do it without me taking a shower before?

I answered "Yes! So, starting from that day, there were many times we had sex and I licked her asshole, when it was not after her taking a shower. A few months later, I again was waiting to her in the bed, while I knew she is using the toilet and that she is taking a shit. A few minutes later, she came to the room. I told her: "Baby, I really like to lick you asshole right now!

She said: "Baby, this is so cute, but I just returned from the toilet, and you know I answered her: "I don't care! I lick your asshole many times without you taking a shower before, so why does it matter if you used the toilet a few hours before or a few minutes before?

She said "But, it might be smelling bad.. I answered, lying "You asshole never smells bad. I like the smell and taste of it very much and always. Come on, get on my face, I really like to make you feel good! She hesitated for a second, but she was probably already very horny from our talk, and she could not stop herself from coming to sit on my face.

At this time, the smell from her asshole was stronger, but I didn't care and even liked it! She groaned very hard while I was licking her asshole. She told me "Baby! It feels so good! She continued "After I used the toilet and wiped my ass with the toilet paper, I had some pain and uncomfortable feeling in my asshole.

Now you make me feel very good with your tongue! She finally got orgasm and came to lie near me. She said "Wow baby! It is a great feeling when you lick my ass just after using the toilet.

But doesn't the smell make you disgusted? I smiled and answered "There is no smell at all! I would like to do it for you every time when you are done with the toilet! She smiled, hugged me and kissed me hardly and said "What a good boyfriend I have! So starting from that day, I was not just licking her ass. I was licking her asshole immediately after she was done with the toilet, easing her pain from the shit and from the wiping.

I did it to her many times for a few months — she finishes taking a shit in the toilet, and I come to lick her asshole immediately after it.

We lied together on the bed. She told me "I am going to the toilet to take a shit. Do you like to lick my asshole when I'm back? I answered her "Yes! But baby, I have a great new idea! She asked me "What is it? I told her "Why should you always feel a pain of wiping your ass with the toilet paper?

Come here and I will wipe it using my tongue! I said. She got a little bit stressed and asked me "Are you serious? But it is shit! Why should you lick my shit? I answered her "But baby, this is not real shit. Your shit will be gone in the toilet, it is just your asshole, there will be no much left there". She asked me "And what about the taste and the smell? I answered her "Don't worry about it — the taste and smell of you asshole is always good!

She smiled and said "OK". She then went to the toilet. I was waiting to her in the bed and was very excited — will she not regret at the last moment? I thought to myself "Will she dare to return here with her asshole not wiped? A few minutes later, she returned with a grinning face. She thought for a second and nodded with her head to sign "no". I got very excited and stressed — if she does not regret now, I am going to lick the shit from her asshole. I told her "So come to me!

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Licking ass in restroom stor

Licking ass in restroom stor

Licking ass in restroom stor

Licking ass in restroom stor

Licking ass in restroom stor

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I Became My Girlfriend's Toilet - Fetish -

All illustrations by Carly Jean. Arse munching. Salad Tossing. Kissing the Chocolate Starfish. Yes, we're talking about rimjobs and depending on the individual, he or she either loves doing it or having it done or thinks it is the absolute grossest sex act there is. You can't really blame those backdoor naysayers because, well, as Amy Schumer says in " Milk, Milk, Lemonade ," that is where your poop comes out. Because of that, there are all sorts of issues with rimjobs, some due to cleanliness and some due to illness.

When arse eating goes good, it's great. But when it goes bad, it goes very, very bad. I'd been seeing this girl sporadically and decided it'd be fun to have her over to fuck while I was house sitting for my boss. She came through, and we started having sex in the fancy master bedroom shower.

We decide to do some anal while in the sterile confines of the shower, and after a little of that, she was getting sore. So I pull out, quickly rinse my dick off, and get on my knees to start rimming her to help her get into it and relax.

I don't know if it was the heat from the shower, the sudden shift in blood from having a stretched out arsehole, or a mix of the two, but just a few seconds into my rimming, she starts going limp and falls hard on my nose.

I'm quickly scrambling up to catch her and slipping around on the tile. She's woozy and regaining consciousness when I drag her out, soaking wet, to the bed. She says that had never happened to her before, so it must've been a fluke. But in those 15 to 20 seconds, I feared the worst, like she'd had an aneurysm or something. Besides dealing with the tragic loss of life, how would I have explained that to my boss? When I was in high school, I was getting curious about kink, and suggested to my bf at the time that I rim him as a previous partner had introduced me to it.

Well, two years down the road, we couldn't have sex without me paying attention to his arse somehow, because if I didn't he would lay on his back with his knees on his shoulders and WHINE AT ME until I gave in. This led to it being a huge turnoff for me in that relationship, especially when he became complacent and his arsehole was dirty all of the time.

I clearly remember the guy. He was in his 20s, blond, fit, very good-looking and very sexy. But there was something wrong with his skin color, though. I couldn't tell if his skin was yellow-grayish because of the poor light in the booth at the Universe Gym [a Parisian bathouse], or if there was something off with him. His arse was totally sweet to eat, perky and bubbly. But a few days later, I started to feel super weak.

Something was definitely wrong. I went to the doctor, and it took me an hour to walk meters. I was so weak, and I had to stop walking every 30 seconds. I did blood exams, and the result was Hepatitus A. I started to turn yellow and threw up everything I was trying to eat. Apparently there's a delay between the time you contract the virus and the time you get sick.

It took us six month to get over it. It was horrible. I'm very poop-squeamish. But part of it might be related to a quasi-horror-story. The first rimjob I ever gave, I paused to pick a little something off my tongue, and it was a scrap of toilet paper, which just made the thing far too visceral, a reminder that my tongue was doing something he had done with toilet paper not long ago.

I wonder if that is what ruined rimjobs for me forever. I also remember the first time I looked at my own butthole in a mirror, and it horrified and upset me. I don't like the idea of anyone looking at it ever.

The worst thing about eating arse is that sometimes on first lick there is a bit of a chemical taste — I think from the soap my boyfriend uses. Back in my slutty days, I once took a guy home from a bar. It was big and lightly covered in fur, and since I love eating an arse, I just had to get my mouth all over it. Everything seemed fine, and we had a great time. The next morning, I got up, got dressed, and went to get my haircut.

While I was at the barber, I noticed I had like a pimple near my mouth, which was annoying, but whatever. By the time I got home, there were little white bumps all around my mouth. I went to the doctor two days later, and he told me I had a bacterial infection on my mouth, probably from eating out a dirty hole. He gave me some cream, and it went away in a few days. The worst part, though, was before it went away, I went to a friend's house, and his roommate totally clocked me and said, "Is that a breakout from eating arse?

I was licking the arse of my boyfriend at the time, and while that was happening, he suddenly ripped a big fart on me. He collapsed in a giggle fit while I was completely turned off and kinda pissed.

My boyfriend had given me pinkeye from farting while I tossed his salad. I didn't break up with him over that, but it's no surprise we didn't last much longer. So the first time my high school gf and I tried anal play, we were drunk, and she really hadn't prepared too well.

We were messing around late at night in the basement of her parents' house while they were asleep. It was a big enough house that they were far enough away and not likely to hear anything. We'd figured that out in the past. So I start licking her butthole while rubbing her clit, and she's breathing heavy, and I think getting into it. Suddenly she says "Oh no!

A millisecond later the taste hits me, and I start spitting and gagging and loudly saying, "What the fuck! Her parents, fortunately, didn't hear my cries and come down. But there was a streak of brown on the tan suede couch we'd been messing around on, and despite our best efforts, the stain never came out. I remember noticing it every time I went over there. I had been partying for like a week straight. After drinking all the booze, I wanted to have all the sex. I talked to this really hot muscle guy who I had been chatting with on Grindr for months, and I finally went over his house to hook up.

We were making out, and I was feeling totally fine, and then he was fingering me, and then he was rimming me, and then all of the sudden he got up and ran really quickly into the bathroom. I heard hacking into the sink. I don't know if he was actually vomiting.

I figured out what happened, and I was like, "Oh, no. Oh, no. I just sat there. He came back in, and I was like, "Did what I think just happened really happen? I went to the bathroom, and there was a whole bunch of poop back there. I didn't feel it happening.

He was fingering me, and I think he churned it up. There was no warning. I didn't even have that farting feeling. It came out of nowhere. On the walk home, though, I was horribly sick and was running to my apartment because I had explosive diarrhea for the rest of the night. Before I left, while I was getting dressed, I was trying to tell him that one day it would be really funny and a great story to tell, but I don't think he bought it.

After all, I wasn't the one with poop in my mouth. Many moons ago my good friend and I were out, and we met this really hot guy who was like a super cute surfer and had this amazing surfer kid vibe. We took him home to have a threesome, even though I didn't really ever hook up with this friend. The guy really wanted us to rim, but I was not into it, even though rimming is one of my favorite things in the world. Partly it was because it was my good friend, and we were just hooking up with each other to get to the hottie.

Anyway, he is like really into us rimming each other, so I fake rim my friend. I just put my face in his arse and make these crazy slurping, lip-smacking sounds while my friend is sucking the guy off. The guy totally calls me out and is like, "That sounds fake. He eventually got up to watch cause he didn't believe me!

So I had to rim my friend a little bit, but I had one of those "this is not sexy at all" looks, and I just transitioned to something else. One evening, I was online surfing craigslist ads. To my surprise and delight, there was a guy nearby who was looking. I was a bit skeptical because the pictures he sent were very attractive, and I reasoned that they were either grabbed from the internet or old. I arrived at his place, and he was exactly as he appeared in the pictures he sent, so my heart and my cock did a little jump for joy.

Handsome face, hot body, and mischievous demeanour.

Licking ass in restroom stor

Licking ass in restroom stor

Licking ass in restroom stor