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A database of news and information about people with disabilities and disability issues Monday, March 29, Massachusetts father found guilty in murder of daughter, 4, with overdose of psychotropic drug. Michael Riley pictured , 37, who showed little emotion when the guilty verdict was read, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. It took the Plymouth County jury — which looked visibly drained as the verdict was read, with one woman weeping — eight hours to reach its verdict. The case has drawn national attention to the use of psychotropic drugs in young children and the potential for indigent parents to abuse the federal disability system.

Michael and carolyn riley msnbc

Michael and carolyn riley msnbc

Okay, first of all, it is not impossible to diagnose ADHD symptoms in very small children. Texas Seder for all includes people with disabilit We don't want 'em falling asleep, now! They found found Rebecca dead on the floor of her parents' bedroom. Michael Riley, who is also awaiting trial on charges of molesting a stepdaughter inclaimed to suffer from bipolar disorder and a rage disorder; his wife told police she suffered from depression and anxiety. And he's learning to deal Michael and carolyn riley msnbc his explosive moods through a behavioral program. Request of professional golfer, now an amputee, fo

Cheerleading signsa. ‘Evil scheme’ to get Social Security benefits alleged in Mass. trial

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  • A South Shore mother was found guilty yesterday of second-degree murder in the death of her 4-year-old daughter, Rebecca, who went to sleep one night after being given toxic levels of psychotropic drugs and never woke up.
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Riley and his wife were separately convicted in the lethal prescription drug overdose death of their 4-year-old daughter, Rebecca. Associated Press [file]. BOSTON -- A man convicted in the lethal prescription drug overdose of his 4-year-old daughter is asking the state's highest court to grant him a new trial. Michael Riley was convicted of first-degree murder while his wife, Carolyn, was convicted of second-degree murder in separate trials in the death of their daughter, Rebecca.

Prosecutors said the couple from the South Shore town of Hull concocted symptoms of bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the girl to try to collect Social Security disability benefits, then overmedicated her on drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist. Riley claims in his appeal that his trial attorney made a series of mistakes, including failing to present evidence to rebut prosecutors' claim that he was responsible for the long-term overmedication of his three children.

Riley says it was his wife who gave Rebecca and their two other children their medicine and met periodically with the psychiatrist who prescribed the drugs. A state medical examiner found that Rebecca died of a combination of Clonidine, a blood pressure medication she had been prescribed for ADHD; Depakote, a mood-stabilizing drug prescribed for bipolar disorder; and two over-the-counter drugs, a cough suppressant and an antihistamine.

The medical examiner said the amount of Clonidine in Rebecca's system was enough to be fatal. Defense lawyers said Rebecca died of a severe, fast-moving pneumonia, not a drug overdose. Michael Riley's appellate lawyer says in court documents that Carolyn Riley controlled the children's medication.

He argued that his trial lawyer should have presented evidence showing that the dosage of Clonidine given to Rebecca went up after Michael moved out of the family's home. He moved back in during the last week or two of the girl's life. Prosecutors said that when Michael moved back in, Carolyn Riley began giving the children Clonidine earlier in the day because Michael would complain about the children and wanted them to go to sleep.

Rebecca was sleeping 17 hours a day -- she was only awake seven hours. Her condition significantly worsened after the defendant moved back in with the family," Assistant District Attorney Gail McKenna argued in a legal brief. Shedd also argues that Michael Riley's trial lawyer should have asked the judge to bar prosecutors from arguing that the Rileys had faked their children symptoms of mental illness to get disability checks.

He said professional service providers had noted abnormal behavior by all three children. Shedd also said the trial judge should not have allowed the jury to hear about extensive "bad character" evidence, including allegations that Michael Riley assaulted his son, testimony about allegations he verbally and physically abused the three children and his lack of emotion after Rebecca's death. Shedd declined to comment. He is asking the court to vacate Riley's conviction, order a new trial or reduce the verdict to involuntary manslaughter, or to send the case back to Superior Court to grant Riley a hearing on his motion for a new trial.

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Hargrove December 14, Chicago Tribune. John Ziegler re: Sarah Palin — 'Cut the mic, please ' ". The New Republic. Mohyeldin, who has a history of negatively covering Israel , [58] attempted to backtrack by claiming everything was moving too quickly for him to concentrate despite having just been adamant that the man was unarmed. Palin without any acknowledgment. Like Olbermann's suspension, Scarborough's suspension was brief, and he returned to the airwaves on November

Michael and carolyn riley msnbc

Michael and carolyn riley msnbc

Michael and carolyn riley msnbc

Michael and carolyn riley msnbc

Michael and carolyn riley msnbc. Prosecutor says they made up girl's symptoms to get government benefits

Riley, who has an additional tattoo on her arm with the name Ashley, listened and stared at the floor. The judge sentenced her to life imprisonment, with the possibility of parole after 15 years, the mandatory punishment for a second-degree murder conviction.

It was one of the lesser offenses that the jury of eight women and four men was allowed to consider in this first-degree murder case. Riley quietly wept as she was taken our to be transported to MCI-Framingham. When Rebecca died, she and her two older siblings, Gerard and Kaitlynne Riley, were each on three potent psychiatric medications for bipolar and hyperactivity disorders. Each of them went on the drugs at age 2.

Prosecutors say Carolyn and Michael Riley, Weymouth High School graduates who had been living briefly in Hull when Rebecca died, deliberately sought the psychiatric drugs for their three children to scam their local Social Security office into approving disability benefits. But behind the twists of the case is the all-too-familiar tale of a deeply troubled, financially strapped couple whose capacity to harm their children became catastrophically evident - to their many doctors, psychiatrists, teachers, and social workers - only when it was too late.

The prosecutors, Frank J. Middleton Jr. Remarkably, prosecutors said, Carolyn Riley managed to obtain the drugs routinely through prescriptions from Dr. Kayoko Kifuji, a Tufts Medical Center psychiatrist who faces a medical malpractice lawsuit in the death and agreed to testify only after being granted immunity from prosecution. Her defense lawyers, however, portrayed Carolyn Riley as an overwhelmed mother deserving of sympathy, a former foster child who was doing her best to raise a family in which the adults and children all had mental health problems.

If the mother had some lapses, her lawyers said, they had to be viewed in light of the difficult choices of a woman struggling with poverty and a domineering husband. The channel also ran infomercials. It is also available in Kenya and Uganda through the Zuku cable service. This never happened. MSNBC and its website msnbc. Unlike the network, msnbc. The network and website also remained editorially separate. The website did not adopt the network's increasingly liberal viewpoints and remained a joint venture with Microsoft even after it had sold its stake in MSNBC.

After being redirected to the new name for a period, msnbc. The website included opinion columns from hosts, correspondents, and guests, along with live and on-demand videos from MSNBC programs. In July , msnbc. The channel was dropped from XM Radio on September 4, Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz , while previously in the same role at The Washington Post , stated that the channel's evening lineup "has clearly gravitated to the left in recent years and often seems to regard itself as the antithesis of Fox News" [26] In , Politico referred to MSNBC as "left-leaning", [75] and Steve Kornacki of Salon.

There isn't a dogma we're putting through. There is a 'Go for it. MSNBC cited the growing criticism that they were "too opinionated to be seen as neutral in the heat of the presidential campaign. Ratigan apologized a few days later. Some media outlets, including msnbc. Nando Di Fino of the Mediaite website said MSNBC was "giving up on the straight news coverage, and instead [appearing] to be aiming to create some controversy.

Phil Donahue 's show was canceled in due to his opposition to the Iraq War, and Donahue later commented that the management of MSNBC required that "we have two conservative guests for every liberal. I was counted as two liberals. Rendell said, "MSNBC was the official network of the Obama campaign," and called their coverage "absolutely embarrassing".

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The documentary angered Tea Party movement figures and others on the right. From October 1 to 28, 33 percent of stories were positive and 13 percent negative. During the campaign's final week, 51 percent of MSNBC's stories were positive while there were no negative stories at all about Obama in the sample. Political commentator Melissa Harris-Perry and her guest panel, in a look back on the segment of her show , featured a picture of former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his extended family.

Romney was holding on his knee his adopted grandchild, Kieran Romney, an African-American. Harris-Perry and her guests, including actress Pia Glenn and comedian Dean Obeidallah , joked about coming up with captions for the photo.

In July of that year, Savage responded to a prank caller on his show by calling him a "pig" and a "sodomite", and telling him he "should get AIDS and die. On November 7, , Olbermann posted a thank you message to supporters via Twitter.

Like Olbermann's suspension, Scarborough's suspension was brief, and he returned to the airwaves on November Host Martin Bashir resigned after making a controversial comment about Sarah Palin. Bashir then said, "When Mrs. Palin invokes slavery, she doesn't just prove her rank ignorance. She confirms if anyone truly qualified for a dose of discipline from Thomas Thistlewood, she would be the outstanding candidate.

Phil Donahue 's program Donahue was canceled in late February during the buildup to the Iraq War. Despite earlier claims of cancellation because of low ratings, [] Donahue was MSNBC's highest rated show that month. A leaked NBC internal study revealed that the studio was concerned that Donahue would act as "a home for the liberal antiwar agenda at the same time that our competitors are waving the flag at every opportunity.

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Michael and carolyn riley msnbc

Michael and carolyn riley msnbc

Michael and carolyn riley msnbc