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Sign in. April O'Neil : Dad! I can't believe it! I missed you so much. Kirby O'Neil : A-April?

Ninja turttles april naked

Ninja turttles april naked

Ninja turttles april naked

Ninja turttles april naked

Zee-Row Banned. Acquiescence said:. OP, your knowledge of female anatomy is seriously lacking. The actress' all-business demeanor was enhanced by the presence of an interview microphone she needed for her on-screen Ninja turttles april naked. Anyone of those characters could say those lines and get a laugh. Star is gonna have the nnaked kind of energy than Marco.

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Female Ninjas — Magic Chronicles 9. April O'Neil gets her delicious pussy monstrously fucked and cummed inside by the ninja turtles l My sexiest Hot ebony black lesbians moments l The Mating Season l Part 2 12 min Vaniikos - Skip to main content. Freako TMNT. Mega Man - Others. Pool Party Surprise. GIFs: Fallout. Tartaruga Ninja 1 Halloween: brunette plays with pussy, freaky Ninja Turtle makes Ninja turttles april naked squirt 11 min Nyskrisreelz - The Multiverse Hypno Harem. Leona Heidern. Female Ninjas — Magic Chronicles 9 84 min Didith-romero - 3. April Turttls. Tartaruga Ninja 1 1 h 33 min Tafarel Filmes - 3.

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I remember it so you don't have to. If you were to tell me back in that NC vo NC vo : It's weird to think of all the comic book characters that had the lasting power of NC vo : While I can't say I've actively watched them, all I can say I kept taking a peek once in a while to see what they were up to. NC: Kinda like checking in on an old childhood friend. Beat Who has NC vo : Nickelodeon, after wrapping up a pretty popular run with their last take on the series, has rebooted the idea again with Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Because everyone needs to be rising now for some reason. NC vo : Fans have been buzzing about their new design, new style and all-around new field. While the Turtles have certainly looked and acted different in the past, there was a definite spin on this version that seemed very unique, compared to the others.

Nickelodeon was so confident in this new version that, like Disney did with the DuckTales reboot , they released the first episode on YouTube in late July, despire the show premiering mid-September. Will it win Turtle fans over? Can it suck in the newcomers? Channel Awesome's YouTube profile is shown Does anyone see YouTube videos they subscribe to if they didn't press that goddamn bell?

The answer to all of these is pointlessly complicated, yet somehow simplistically dumb. And we're gonna look it over today. The opening to the show features the titular Turtles and their ally, April O'Neil, riding across the city in their van while fighting enemies. It is animated fluidly, and the action goes very fast. This whole opening is done in one shot with no cuts, and the animation matches the incredible angles and energy throughout the whole thing.

NC vo : This is one of those intros you can watch over and over and slow down to see what you missed. The intro slows down, and we see a Photoshopped shot of a woman silhouette in the window Look, there's that naked lady from The Rescuers. Unlike the other versions, though, the song explains very little about who the Turtles are and even leaves out their origin.

The pilot episode "Mystic Mayhem" starts with a dog-like creature running away from two men one burly, the other tall in the city. NC vo : As you see, the episode starts off by explaining NC vo : No, really.

Two guys with gym clothes with dog pouches and brows that ate their eyes are chasing after a Pika - Gizmo American Dragon As the night turns, the unnamed owner of the Molina Tower recieves a briefcase that starts glowing after it is opened. NC vo : We randomly cut to presumably a crime boss looking at the briefcase from Pulp Fiction. The Turtles are first shown, standing on top of the Molina Tower in the shadows. One of them, Donatello, shoots out the grappling hook, which clings to another building.

The Turtles go down and NC vo : We see our heroes in a half-shell watch this shady deal as they set up a grappling hook, cling on to the wire, swing right past the mob boss and cannonball into a pool. NC: And if you're thinking like I was how funny it would be if we never see that crime boss again, his expression changes to a look of sincerity we never see that crime boss again.

Beat Well, that is funny, but April O'Neil, who is shown as a Afro-American teenage girl, appears to film the moment on her phone, but gets soaked up in the water the Turtles splashed after diving. NC vo : Quickly, the tone of the show starts to reveal itself, as we look at the Turtles' designs and how they act. It looks like they kept some of the additions from the Bay-produced films One later scene is shown, showing Raphael, a really muscular turtle with one sharp buck tooth peeking out when he's not talking, throwing Michelangelo's shell at the enemies.

NC vo : What kind of shell-roids is he taking?! I mean, I like the idea of the Turtles being different sizes, but all of them are the exact same, except for him! The Leatherhead from the original cartoon and Gummy Joe from The Simpsons season 4 episode "Last Exit to Springfield" are shown Did he also steal a tooth from Leatherhead, or is that just to open soda easier?

NC: He's looking like Clay-Croc! April Kat Graham : speaking in a typical "sassy black lady" voice If you step to my friends for stepping to you for ste A collage of five versions of April O'Neil the original comics, the cartoon, the and live-action movies, and the show appears. Darth Vader voiced by Doug : I have altered April again. Pray I do not alter her further. NC: But, their looks are fine as long as it matches their personality trait. Like Michelangelo Mikey Brandon Mychal Smith : You must be points at himself this rad to ride that ride.

But in terms of their personality, you could still tell them apart. Despite them looking identical except for their mask colors, you still knew who would say what in a situation. NC: as the clip of Leo saying this line is shown That's the ground of responsibility, Leonardo. Who's this?

NC: the clip of Raph is followed That's the wisecracking cynicism of Raphael. Mikey Townsend Coleman : audio Rock, dudes! It's a place where we can get some pizza! Now, let's try it with the other Turtles.

Donnie: audio Teriyaki Shakedown always gets me so Leo: audio What? I can't make a joke in the middle of the craziest thing ever? That's how I cope. NC vo : Don't get me wrong. The voice acting is good, and they have great delivery. I can tell them apart just by the vocals. NC vo : Some have even said that they switched the leadership roles of having Raph as the leader instead of Leo, but after seeing four of these episodes, I couldn't tell you who the leader is, because they're all exactly alike!

And if you're wondering why they're not going to their backstory, series' villains or NC: facepalms with both hands And yes, I know how ridiculous it sounds to demand consistent storytelling from something called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , but that was always kind of part of their charm. NC vo : Even though it was dumb, it was still an action series, too.

And you can't be that into the action if you're not that into the story or characters. NC vo : Teen Titans Go has a very similar problem, but don't worry, we'll get into that in a few weeks. The title card for the upcoming Old vs. New review is shown For this, however, there's a great irony that the action is harder to get invested in, because The Turtles and April discover the creature from the beginning at the construction site, but they are confronted by the duo that was chasing after it.

The duo is revealed to be aliens from another planet, and the Turtles fight them. NC vo : Watch to see what I'm talking about, as we get back to the story with April and the Turtles coming across Pac-Man's furry here. The two henchmen turn into bug aliens riding their dogs as steeds. And the action NC vo : Or the Shredder, or Krang, or any number of mutants that they fight over the shows? It was silly, but it was fun, because we knew these guys so well and so quickly.

NC vo : Here, it's bad guys with no personality versus five characters with Therefore, it's not nearly as funny. NC vo : There are some good one-liners and deliveries throughout the fights, ones that get a really hard laugh. NC: These are good jokes, but they're not personality-based. Anyone of those characters could say those lines and get a laugh. NC vo : But again, the animation is crazy amazing, and those jokes do get legitimate laughs.

Like, I love this random pizza boy who just falls into an evil portal mid-fight. Just as said, everybody stops fighting as the delivery boy, riding his bike, falls into a portal that appeared in the brick wall previously. The guardsmen capture the creature, and April manages to jump into the portal in the wall to save it, but the Turtles don't make it. NC vo : April gets sucked in, too, along with Wolverine's build-a-bear, and the Turtles have to figure out a way to follow them.

NC: Well, if it was Megan Fox, probably, but Oh, oh! By bits, you meant Oh, God, I'm sorry! I thought you were talking about And we go to a commercial. After coming back, we are first shown Master Splinter in the Turtles' lair, who is shown as a fat rat, watching his favorite show and eating chips.

Yeah, there's a big contrast here.

Views: Karakuri Ninja Girl vol. TMNT rainbow-flyer. Futa Zelda x Midna. Freako TMNT.

Ninja turttles april naked

Ninja turttles april naked

Ninja turttles april naked. You are here

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Views: TMNT rainbow-flyer. The Multiverse Hypno Harem. April O'Neil , Rebecca Cunningham. Freako TMNT. April O'Neil , Michelangelo , Donatello.

Overtime Hord Workers receive a Big Rewards. Tmnt all four turtles fuck blond. Karakuri Ninja Girl vol. Halloween: brunette plays with pussy, freaky Ninja Turtle makes her squirt. Porn Bastards: April O'Neil. Tartaruga Ninja 1 April O'Neil gets her delicious pussy monstrously fucked and cummed inside by the ninja turtles l My sexiest gameplay moments l The Mating Season l Part 2. Female Ninjas — Magic Chronicles 9. Remove ads Ads by TrafficFactory.

Megan Fox films Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Half Shell alongside Judith Hoag | Daily Mail Online

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Prev 1 2 3 Next. First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page. Dec 10, 11, 13 Oct 26, 0 0 Chicago. Acquiescence said:. Handy Fake Member. Mar 2, 3, Sunderland. I was just kidding, but seeing as posting pics of nipples is not allowed, posting a pic of something you thought was a nipple couldn't have been, obviously L Thammy Member. Nov 4, 15, 1 0. L Thammy said:.

Finaika Member. Jul 26, 17, 2 0. I tried enhancing and I still have no idea. Nephtes Member. Jun 6, 3, 0 0. I didn't know they could even have this game in the UK I thought they were all up in arms over the turtles in the cartoon's first few episodes having ninja weapons and being a bad influence on children Ruining later episodes for the rest of the world when Michaelangelo was forced to use a grappling hook as his "weapon" of choice.

Did Konami mod out the nunchucks over there or something? Synth Member. Dec 4, 14, 3 1, 36 London, UK. Nephtes said:. Red Liquorice Member. Jun 4, 12, 0 0. Synth said:. The nunchuks were in the show also, and it wasn't until the second movie where it started to anything beyond merchandise. Putting them on a pencil case though? Oh no Blueblur1 Member. Jul 27, 16, 0 0 Miami, FL www. Sanjuro said:. People hate the US cabinet art? The hell PK Gaming Member. Jun 9, 21, 1 ON, Canada. OP, your knowledge of female anatomy is seriously lacking.

Oct 20, 6, 6 Osaka. Who does that? Jaded Alyx Member. Apr 17, 19, 2 Grenada. I know right? I didn't even know what a Ninja was at that age, but apparently it was too dangerous for me to find out yet. Spyware Member. Jul 23, 1, 0 0 Sweden. I can totally see what OP means.

Look at the neck line as the cleavage, the left shoulde rand arm as the left breast and suddenly her right nipple is clearly visible. But yeah, no, it's in reality a very strangely colored cleavage. D Member. Apr 14, 10, 0 really? I posted a pic of a Turtles arcade machine with what I thought was a dirty image but I think it might be a ban-able offence.

Messofanego Banned. Oct 31, 46, 0 0 UK twitter. Jaded Alyx said:. I can clearly remember this discussion being held in my classroom where someone asked what was wrong with the word ninja and the bullshitting teacher said it means 'evil'.

Other kids gasped in shock while my friend and I just looked at each like "wtf is going on here? Sep 25, 55, 2 1, Ban Puncher Member. Jun 11, 14, 1, Australia had the best TMNT cabinet.

No out of place real April or shirtless Shredder on the cabinet art like the US. Speedydonut Member. Feb 3, 0 0. Ban Puncher said:. Meesh Member. Jan 6, 5, 1, 41 Canada. That's one ugly cabinet. It makes the US version look good. Jul 28, 3, 1 0. Meesh said:. Oh my jeezus Sep 17, 9, 1, Seganomics Member. Apr 17, 0 0. If there was a nipple anywhere on that cabinet I would not have forgotten that fact. Even Bart Simpson is jealous. Mechanized Member. Dec 29, 7, 0 0.

Keym Member. Apr 17, 1, 0 0.

Ninja turttles april naked

Ninja turttles april naked

Ninja turttles april naked