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Trade unions are currently seeking a suitable time to meet with employers in order to launch new minimum wage negotiations, Estonian Trade Union Confederation EAKL chairman Peep Peterson said on Friday. Trade unions are now seeking possible solutions for continuing talks and reaching an agreement on the minimum wage for the coming year. Aas noted that the situation was also discussed by the council of the ETTK, which decided to hear the trade unions' new arguments. He added that reaching an agreement is not urgent, as there is still plenty of time for negotiations and, if needed, they can enlist the help of a public conciliator. It is important to note, however, that a number of public sector expenses are pegged to the minimum wage.

Peep peterson

Peep peterson

Peep peterson

Peep Peterson took over the leadership of the Confederation of Trade Unions in Latest news. Nordic unions to invest in the membership rise Peeo the transport sector. Sain aru Loen veel. According to Peep peterson, he hopes to focus on the internal organization of the Central Union in the next term.

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Peep Peterson has been re-elected to lead the Estonian Trade Union Confederation EAKL , his first major task is to find an agreement with employers on the minimum wage increase.

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A period of consultation until Sept. EAKL chair Peep Peterson said that minimum wage hike will help reduce poverty, bringing the minimum rate of salary slowly closer to the national average wage, itself set to rise by 6.

At the same time, in addition to wage growth, efforts must also be made to increase labor productivity, he said. It should not reduce the capacity to invest, innovate and develop smarter products and services.

Too rapid a rise in wages can lead to a loss of business competitiveness and an increase in unemployment," Aas said. In , employers and unions concluded an agreement to establish the minimum wage based on a multiplier of two times the rate of increase in productivity during the year in which the rate is agreed. The upper limit of the rate of growth is further two times the forecast real economic growth, and the lower limit, at least 40 percent of the forecast average gross wages, based on the Bank of Estonia summer economic forecast, according to BNS.

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Peep peterson

Peep peterson

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Peep peterson