Vaginal discharge in a female dog-Pyometra (Canine)

In contrast, adult-onset vaginitis affects mature spayed female dogs. Vaginitis is inflammation of the vagina. Juvenile vaginitis occurs only in puppies. It does not seem to favor any breed and can occur in any type of dog. The condition can cause vulvar inflammation, irritation, and discomfort.

Vaginal discharge in a female dog

Vaginal discharge in a female dog

Vaginal discharge in a female dog

Vaginal discharge in a female dog

Vaginal discharge in a female dog

But it isn't all the time. While healing, some dogs may excessively lick their genital area. Hi my puppy critter has been having a vaginal discharge for the past week is green color she is 4 months old Pinay celebrety scandals had all of her shots. Has Symptoms Green Discharge. Im very concerned about my dog sammi. During a heat cycle a female may secrete some different discharge which may vary in colour; however we become concerned if there is a large quantity of any particular discharge especially if it has a peculiar odor.

Food for better semen. Vaginal Discharge in Dogs

It would be best dischargee have her seen by your veterinarian - femael can analyze that fluid, give her a good exam, and determine what might be going on. Is this something common? There was a strong odor but no discreet lesions found. Thanks John. Your vet will then examine your puppy paying particular attention to the vaginal area. The easiest way to find out would be to have your veterinarian take an x-ray. She is licking the area some. A clotted discharged was seen first followed by watery red. I do not know if the problem Vaginal discharge in a female dog prior to the operation or is a direct result of the operation. This may require a hysterectomy on intact dogs or additional resection to animals that have been spayed. I'm not sure if Bella is spayed, but either way she could be having a problem with Vaginal discharge in a female dog. We have not seen him mounting her. I'll make an appointment. Have a good day.

Peaches is a 2 year desexed female Standard Poodle.

  • Vaginal discharge is any liquid material that exits the vagina.
  • Vaginal discharge is a common symptom in dogs with vaginitis, uterus infection, or urinary tract infections.
  • If your female puppy has vaginal discharge, you are right to be concerned.
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Peaches is a 2 year desexed female Standard Poodle. Not surprisingly this was quite upsetting and embarrassing for her owner. A bloody discharge is normal in these dogs as part of their hormonal cycle.

However a yellow, mucous discharge is never normal in a desexed or undesexed dog. As a desexed dog, we would not expect to see any discharge from the vagina of Peaches. There are many causes of this discharge, ranging from an infection in the remaining parts of the genital tract, a foreign body — such as a grass seed slipping up inside, an abnormal pathway of the tubes leaving the bladder and going to the outside, congenital problems with the structure of the vagina, hormonal imbalances or inflammation.

An endoscope is a long flexible camera that allows us to look into small places. We were able to see that her vagina was covered in small blisters.

Were these caused by inflammation, irritation from abnormal urine flow or a hormonal inbalance? It shows that the path way from the bladder to the outside is normal. A further dye study examined the structure of the vagina and it too was normal.

It's been 5 months and now after she has peed first pee is normal looking she will squat again and the "pee" is red and this time a whitish mucus came out. Add a comment to Ginger's experience. Causes of Vaginal Discharge in Dogs. My dog is 4 weeks postpartum and she started running a fever today and has a yellow cream colored pus discharge from her vagina. The condition usually presents itself as a vaginal discharge of mucous white to yellow or green discharge; other common signs are licking the vulva and irritation of the surrounding skin. Things seemed to go fine, after about 4 weeks she seemed to stop bleeding and our male akita stopped showing interest in her.

Vaginal discharge in a female dog

Vaginal discharge in a female dog

Vaginal discharge in a female dog. Vaginal Discharge in Dogs

On top of that, anatomy can play a role as well. For instance, puppies with a congenital defect of their vagina passed down from one generation to another may be particularly predisposed. At times, puppy vaginitis may occur secondary to a urinary tract infection. Your vet will gather some information about your puppy, such as since when you first noticed the discharge, what color it is, and how often you notice it.

Your vet will then examine your puppy paying particular attention to the vaginal area. Your vet may check for any signs of irritation of the skin. A sample of the discharge itself can also prove helpful. The sample will be looked at closely under a microscope to identify presence of bacteria or yeast.

It can be cultured to determine exactly what type of organisms are present. The urine sample is often collected directly from the urinary tract using a needle, a procedure known as cystocentesis. Treatment for puppy vaginitis may vary based on the extent of the problem and whether there are any predisposing factors at play. Autumn P.

Davidson , a veterinarian specializing in internal medicine. Ask your vet for specific recommendations on which products to use. If there is a foreign object, removing such object is key to resolution of the problem.

For congenital issues, your vet may suggest surgery to correct them. Scrub the affected area, and hold a hot compress on there for 2 or 3 minutes if your dog lets you. Please do help! Hi my puppy critter has been having a vaginal discharge for the past week is green color she is 4 months old has had all of her shots. She is acting normal, running around, playing with my other dog, eating, and drinking.

Is this something common? Is it easily treatable? Hi i have a shi zhu 11years this pass few days i brought her to the clinic because she has a fever no appettite vomitting and diarhea..

Then the vet diagnosis she has a cough and flu.. My dog never spayed.. Theres a possibe this a symtoms of menstrual period? Or possible of side effect of the meds? Way back on her medical history she has operated on bladder.. I have a 6 year old red nose pitbull who is peeing clear liquid without knowing she is peeing this it's been happing for 4 days now.

My husband and I have a 5 month old husky mix and have noticed a light greenish yellow vaginal discharge. I only really notice it after she comes out of being in her crate after a day of work.

We asked the vet at her vaccination appt and he said to monitor it and gave us wipes. Is this common? Could it be a bladder infection for holding her urine for long periods? Thanks :. I have a 9 yr old femal Siberian Husky, she is not fixed. She had a heat cycle in March. The nipples do not appear raw. She is frequently licking herself due to the vaginal discharge.

We have 2 male fixed dogs and she has not been around any other male dogs. I rescued a six year old great dane and she has a clear watery discharge but not all of the time it just happens once in a great while and it is odor free. I keep an eye on to make sure there is no change in color density or odor. Her appetite is good she has no change in energy level or loving level as she lounges where she pleases and has strewn her toys everywhere.

My yorkie is about 3 years old. She has not been spayed. She is at the end of her heat cycle. She had a white vaginal discharge,very little for a day and then it stopped.

She has no other symptoms. Should I be worried? The discharge has no odour. My 15 week old AussieLab puppy had an opaque, white discharge on her vagina when she woke up yesterday. She is not spayed and we do have an in tact male 15 week old puppy as well. We have not seen him mounting her. Because she cleans herself often I have not seen the discharge again. She is peeing regularly and eating, drinking, and playing normally as well. She has a vet appointment in a week.

Should we wait it out until then or take her in now? I am a little concern, is this normal for her? This has helped us in getting an appointment for our Border Collie who we did not have her spayed. I have a nine month old yorkie who seems to be going into heat. Her privates are swollen and reddish but she also has a clearish discharge and licks herself alot. This is my families first time with a yorkie in heat weve had rottweilers that bred. How much should we worry if she mine stops eating and her nipples are still swollen shes vomiting and having diarrhea?

Like what could that mean. My 13 year old dauchsund has a smelly thick white discharge. Its not constantly happening, when it does it doesnt seem to hurt her or cause discomfort. She always licks herself when it happens. First noticed it about 4 months ago. She is spayed. We have a male dauchsund who is also fixed, he is constantly humping her and licking her hind end.

My dog in the last month has had a UTI and passed a kidney stone. After being treated she seemed fine. Today at the groomer, they noticed discharge or pus coming from the vaginal area and a foul odor. I was wondering what this could be? My dog Sophia just turned a year old and got her first period around 10 months she is not spayed and we have 2 other boy dogs in the house who are not fixed.

She has also will not eat right away and is becoming slightly aggressive to other dogs which is not like her at all. My dog turned a year in February and started her first heat cycle Feb 9th. I noticed she had a clear thick discharge a week ago. Other than that she is completely normal. My dog is releasing green sticky fluid from her vagina. Is it dangerous?

I'm worried about her. She's 5. Yes my puppy has a clear sticky substance on the tip of his penis. It's not enough to say it's a discharge,but I noticed it when looking him over is this normal. He's not acting like it's bothering him.

She is the eldest of two she always licks keeps the other one clean another girl due to be speyed We were wondering can they be in season as an older bc not loose blood as such but be obsessed depending on the dog keeping the area clean. But as bc get older does the mental cycle infact change what they loose within that cycle depending on if speyed or not or is it a case of because we did not have her speyed this is causing her problems Please be totally honest with us we need to know because if our question can indeed help others to better make a decision we would be grateful Thanking you very much Tina.

Hi My dog is an English bulldog, about 7 yrs old, female and has not been herself for the past few days. Not eating at all very unusual for her , vdragging her hind legs slightly when walking and panting much heavier than normal when pushed to exercise. We also noticed her abdomen is bigger than normal but when i press the sides of her abdomen she doesnt seem to be in pain.

She has had a period for the last week or so but this finished 2 days ago and we've noticed some cloudy discharge in her urine. We don't keep track of her period too much but i did think she had reached menopause previously because the periods were less frequent. Could this all be down to a urine infection? Should I be worried about her abdomen being bigger and also her panting? I should also note that she vomited after food for the first time in 4 days. Please help!

Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks Nikki. Hi, Our 12 year old cavalier King Charles bitch has experienced similar symptoms with vaginal discharge, loss of appetite and lack of mobility in her hind legs, did you manage to get a diagnosis for Cooper, as our Vet has been unable to provide a diagnosis so far and we are getting extremely worried?

Thanks John. Hello, my dog is 8 years old female pug. She became very quiet. Another symptom appear. Vaginal discharge, very abundant. It's watery type, very light smell. Didn't help. He prescript another course of different this time antibiotic. Didn't work. Then he find she has ovarian cyst. Removed ovaries and uterus. Now she's spayed. Told us to wait for one month. The vaginal discharge will stop by itself.

It's been 2 weeks, the discharge still very abundant, and now she has difficulty pissing. Her blood samples were fine.

We are very worry, do we wait, or change the veterinarian clinic? My dog is a 20 wk old pitbull she has yellowish liquid coming out her vagina what do u think it is? Intact femal. Has some yellow discharge at the end of her heat cycle. She did breed for the first time a week ago. Could this be from the breeding? Female and male both had health checks that were good. Not sure if she had this on her last heat cycle. She keeps herself pretty clean. No pain when I wipe it away. She has been on clavamox for a month straight 2 pills mg, has cultures done, given probiotics, er pills, and the vet now wants to do an ultrasound.

Do you have any suggestions on what could be wrong as the vets yes we have taken her to 3 different places because they all say they do not know what is wrong and this is unique. I have a 4 month old spayed puppy who we also rescued. She has had a discharge white to light green in color.

She is now on antibiotics. Is it possible she may have stump pyometra? I'm really worried about what is causing this. She has been fixed as a puppy. She is licking the area some. We have seen this for awhile now but it seems to be getting bigger. She is acting fine, eats fine, plays around the house, she has no problem peeing.

My female dog has a vaginal discharge, brown creamy liquid with a fowl fresh scent. This has been happening within the past three days. She's not eating anything at all. During her mating season probably 2 days after she had a heavy discharge of blood that has stopped until 3 weeks later she now has the brown liquid discharge. Is this life threatening and are there any home remedies I can adopt. Thank you in advance.

I have a 10 year old Female dog that is taking medicine for kidney issues. Shortly after starting the kidney medicine she went on Proin for wetting.

Problem with Proin is she now has to take an appetite stimulant to get her to eat. But the big problem other than not eating is she has a mucus stringy discharge.

Our vet has had her on meds for a UTI, has done X-rays, recently scoped her, has done blood work, etc. We are at the point of taking her to another vet. We are very frustrated and just want our baby to get better. Any suggestions, and ideas as to what oils be causing the mucus discharge? I have a 12 yr old 4. She sleeps in bed with me and I wake up to a clear damp circle around her I see no other symptoms. Bathroom runs and eating seem normal.

What could be the cause of this discharge? I noticed it immediately after she had bled for a while. I took care of my daughters male un-neutered dog for 3 weeks and can't be sure if he didn't try to mate with her. Yesterday she didn't eat at all, she started to seem very lethargic and stopped drinking water. Today her symptoms seemed to just progress to the point where she seems weak when walking.

I started to syringe feed her liquids and she kept it down and she was able to go outside to urinate. Upon coming back inside I noticed that she just plopped right back down and on the ground where she laid I noticed that she had some very thick, brown, fishy smelling discharge which is what I assume she urinated. She seems warm to touch, and increasingly lethargic. I called a vet and they will be coming to our home to evaluate her tomorrow afternoon.

My dog has not been fixed and for about a week she's been very moody, I noticed tonight she's been licking here vaginal area and saw a light tan mucus coming out. I just fixed my 3 male dogs could she be pregnant or is this a possible infection. Her stomach is tight and her nipples are out.

I have a 9 year old English bulldog. Should I be concerned. I got Bella at 16 weeks April , the day I got her she saw a vet and had a parasite, bacterial infection, and worms. Was advised the medications should help that too. In May I took her to the vet for shots, advised of the discharge again and now urinary incontinence. Had a UA and was given antibiotics again. It cleared up. In July I noticed discharge again.

She took her last dose lastnight but I still see the discharge. Shortly after we bought her at 8 weeks old we noticed a greenish-yellow discharge from her vulva area. We brought her to the vet and obtained an urine sample. They didn't tell me specifics about the test however did state that she had a UTI which they prescribed an antibiotic for 10 days.

We noticed an improvement to her voiding and also the discharge went away. About a week later we noticed the greenish yellow discharge again. It is thick and sticky. We brought her back to the clinic and she was prescribed another round of antibiotics, stronger strength and longer duration.

She only has a couple of days left of the regimen and she continues to have this discharge. Do we get a second opinion?

I am worried that it could be something else as this isn't going away. She does not have any excessive licking to the area. Lots of Watery dicharge coming from my 8 yr old ridgeback. I cant afford to take her to the vet. She stopped bleeding after the third week, but her nipples and vagina are still swollen and she is constantly licking her vagina still. We have noticed some discharge since yesterday a watery clear discharge with an odor.

Is it normal for a heat cycle to last this long without any blood and a discharge with an odor with her nipples and vagina still swollen? Dog Walking. Dog Sitting. Dog Boarding. Vaginal Discharge in Dogs Book in.

Rated as Moderate Condition. Causes Diagnosis Treatment Recovery Advice. First Walk is on Us! What is Vaginal Discharge? Book First Walk Free! Symptoms of Vaginal Discharge in Dogs. Bloody, mucoid, purulent or watery discharge from the vagina. Bloody or very cloudy urine Difficulty holding urine Excessive urination Fever Behavior changes Reduction in appetite Types Mucoid thick and grayish Purulent containing yellow or green pus Bloody black, red or brown Watery clear and thin.

Causes of Vaginal Discharge in Dogs. Diagnosis of Vaginal Discharge in Dogs. Treatment of Vaginal Discharge in Dogs. Recovery of Vaginal Discharge in Dogs. Labrador Retriever. Has Symptoms Purulent discharge. My dog is going through the same thing. You ever figure out what it was? I have this exact same problem with my bitch have you any advice.

Add a comment to Kerry's experience. Was this experience helpful? Has Symptoms Yellowish discharge. Add a comment to Nala's experience. Anatolian Shepherd. Has Symptoms Fever.

Has Symptoms Yellow discharge. Add a comment to Journey's experience. Has Symptoms grey discharge swollen vagina. Add a comment to Phoebe's experience. Pit bull. Has Symptoms Vaginal Discharge.

Add a comment to Dutchess's experience. Boxer rottweiler. Has Symptoms Cloudy discharge. Add a comment to Angel's experience. Penny Lane. German Shepherd. Has Symptoms Vaginal bleeding. Add a comment to Penny Lane's experience. Siberian Husky. Has Symptoms Clear fluid discharge. Did you ever figure out what the cause of this discharge was?

Add a comment to Indy's experience. Has Symptoms Bleeding vagina. Add a comment to Lola's experience. Has Symptoms leaking fluid. Add a comment to Saddy's experience. Callum Turner, DVM. Add a comment to Bella's experience. Add a comment to Nikki's experience. Add a comment to Jackie's experience. Has Symptoms Poor Appetite. Add a comment to Molly's experience. Add a comment to Fiona's experience. American Bulldog. Add a comment to Dirka's experience. Has Symptoms pregnant. Michele King, DVM. Without seeing the substance or being able to examine Nova, I'm not sure what that substance might have been!

If she is eating and drinking and bright and happy, you should be okay monitoring her for any further discharge. If the discharge continues, or she has any red, brown, or green discharge, or if she stops eating or starts vomiting or having diarrhea, it would be best to have her examined by your veterinarian as soon as possible to make sure that she isn't having any complications with her pregnancy.

Add a comment to Nova's experience. Airedale Terrier. Add a comment to tdonna's experience. Has Symptoms Bloody discharge. Medication Used Amoxicillin. Add a comment to Juno's experience. Pittbull mix. Medication Used Cephalexin mg. Add a comment to Jada's experience. Shih Tzu. Has Symptoms Constipation. During a heat cycle a female may secrete some different discharge which may vary in colour; however we become concerned if there is a large quantity of any particular discharge especially if it has a peculiar odor.

Vaginitis, pyometra and other infections may cause discharge from the vulva; given that P-lou has an off-white discharge that in your opinion is flowing out of her I would highly recommend having your Veterinarian take a look at her to be on the safe side.

Add a comment to P-lou's experience. Has Symptoms Discharge. Vaginal discharge may be caused by a few different causes which may include infections, vaginitis, foreign bodies among other issues.

Without having a full examination, I cannot tell you if it is something to be concerned about; it is possible that there may be some skin fold dermatitis and you can try to keep the vulva clean warm water is enough and stop her from licking if she is. Add a comment to star's experience. I'll make an appointment. Add a comment to Luci's experience. Add a comment to rose's experience. Add a comment to Suzie's experience. Add a comment to Trixie's experience. Has Symptoms Bleeding.

Add a comment to Corona's experience. Add a comment to Cora's experience. Examination by both vaginal speculum and ultrasound may be of value here. Add a comment to Hunter's experience. You should think about consulting an Internal Medicine Specialist or Theriogenologist to help determine the cause. Add a comment to Libby's experience. Has Symptoms pees regularly. The whitish discharge may be due to vaginitis or may be attributable to uterine stump pyometra an infection in the small remnant of uterus left over from spaying.

Add a comment to Luna's experience. German Sheprador. Brown discharge may indicate a problem like an infection, it would be best to have your Veterinarian check Ninah over to be on the safe side as a possible infection may cause problems for both pups and Mum.

Some discharge may appear without incident but at other times it can be a sign of problems. Add a comment to Ninah's experience. American bully. Has Symptoms Creamy vaginal discharge. The ball coming out the of vagina would have been vaginal hyperplasia which is caused by excessive hormones during heat and resolves spontaneously after the end of the cycle, spaying normally resolves the problem from recurring.

Add a comment to Maci's experience. Add a comment to Princess's experience. Add a comment to Bindi's experience. Has Symptoms vomiting feces. I am concerned with her erratic heat cycles and vomiting that she may be developing a uterine infection, or pyometra.

The vomiting might be unrelated, but without seeing her it is impossible for me to diagnose her one way or the other. If her vomiting is due to another reason, like dietary indiscretion, she may need anti-nausea medications. If it is related to a pyometra, she needs to see her veterinarian and have an ovriohysterectomy, as that is the only cure for pyometra. I hope that she is okay! Add a comment to Misha's experience. Has Symptoms Diarrhea.

Thank you for your email. I am also concerned about it being something else. I am worried that she may have a pyometra, an infection of her uterus. Creamy bloody discharge is a concerning sign, as is the vomiting and diarrhea. It would be a good idea to either take her back to your vet in the morning, or seek a second opnion, and make sure that she doesn't have this infection - sometimes they have to run bloodwork to find out. If this infection is ignored, it can quickly become a life-threatening condition.

I hope that she is okay. Add a comment to Mitzi's experience. St bernard. Lucy needs to see her veterinarian as soon as possible. Without examining her, I cannot diagnose her, but as a 6 year old unspayed female, she is in danger of having a uterine infection.

If untreated, these infections can be fatal. Your veterinarian will be able to examine her, determine if tht or something else is going on, and get her the appropriate treatment. Add a comment to Lucy's experience. Has Symptoms 3 bowel accidents , numerous urine. There can be a number of hormonal changes during pregnancy, and afterwards, but by 5 weeks after having her pups, she should be pretty much back to normal.

She's a little older than normal to be having pups, and it would be a worth a visit to your veterinarian to make sure that she is okay, and that she isn't having signs of an infection. Without examining her, I can't diagnose anything, so she should probably be seen in the near future. Add a comment to Belle's experience. Border Collie. If she is having a false pregnancy, mammary and vaginal discharge can be quite normal, as can nesting behaviors.

Those things occur in a real pregnancy, too. The easiest way to find out would be to have your veterinarian take an x-ray. After about 45 days of pregnancy, the pups are visible on x-rays. Add a comment to Kiwi's experience. Japanese akita. Kita should see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

If she isn't spayed, she may be showing signs of a pyometra, which can be a life threatening condition. If she is spayed, your veterinarian will be able to determine what kind of fluid that is, and where it is coming from, and how to treat it to make her comfortable.

I hope that everything goes well for her. Add a comment to Kita's experience. Has Symptoms Genital Licking. There is a certain amount of discharge around the prepuce that is normal in male dogs, but without seeing Oniok, I'm not sure if the discharge id normal, or if he has a problem or infection.

It would be best to have him seen by a veterinarian if he is not eating and losing weight because of this problem. Add a comment to Oniok's experience.

Typical time frames for dogs to have bloody discharge are about days during a heat cycle. It would be best to have her seen by your veterinarian - they can analyze that fluid, give her a good exam, and determine what might be going on. Add a comment to Nina's experience. Puppies can get mild vagnitis, bladder infections, or have congenital urinary problems. It would be best to have Critter seen by your veterinarian to have her evaluated and get appropriate treatment.

I hope that everything goes well with her! Add a comment to Critter's experience. Cassie should see a veterinarian as soon as possible. Your veterinarian will be able to determine what kind of fluid that is, and where it is coming from, and how to treat it to make her comfortable.

Add a comment to Cassie's experience. Some vaginal discharge may occur and many times is not much to be concerned about especially if your Veterinarian has already examined her; however if this becomes an ongoing issue, it may be worth trying her with a course of antibiotics if your Veterinarian agrees in case there is a vaginal infection.

Add a comment to Marley's experience. You should have Gracie checked by your Veterinarian as older dogs are prone to pyometra and other conditions if they are still intact; without examining her I cannot say what the specific cause is however if she is around six weeks after her last heat cycle she may have an open pyometra.

Add a comment to Gracie's experience. Great Dane. Add a comment to Daphne's experience. Has Symptoms heat. Without examining Zulfa it is difficult for me to give a recommendation, if you are planning on breeding her you should visit your Veterinarian for a breeding soundness examination to be on the safe side.

During heat, there may be some spotting of blood but if you are seeing solid lumps or material as well I would get this seen as soon as possible.

Add a comment to Zulfa's experience. Yorkshire Terrier. That little bit of vaginal discharge may have been normal for her at the end of her heat cycle, but it could also be a sign of infection. If any of these things occur, she needs to be seen by a veterinarian as soon as possible to rule out any infection.

If she does have any problems, it might be best to have her spayed. Add a comment to Kiara's experience. If there are no other symptoms fever, smelly discharge or anything else concerning you may wait for your appointment. Add a comment to Eve's experience. Jack Russell Terrier. Has Symptoms Quite, not eat. I cannot say without examining Ruby what the specific cause is but you should visit your Veterinarian for an examination to determine whether the origin of the blood is from the reproductive tract, urinary tract or due to another cause.

Add a comment to Ruby's experience. What you are describing seems quite normal for a heat cycle. Cause for worry might include if she is vomiting, or stops eating, or if the discharge becomes yellow or brown. Typically, the discharge continues for days, and she will remain able to breed for days afterwards. Add a comment to Mia's experience.

Medication Used none. Since Raisin is spayed, she should not be having this thick discharge, and she may have an infection or other condition that may need attention. It would be best to have her examined by her veterinarian, as they will be able to identify the cause of the discharge and give her any treatment that she may need. Add a comment to Raisin's experience. Lhasa Apso.

Has Symptoms Odor. Medication Used Phenobarbital. Immediate concern is for pyometra if she is intact or uterine stump pyometra if she is spayed; if there is a lot of smelly discharge I would recommend visiting an Emergency Veterinarian especially if there are other symptoms like fever, lethargy, increased thirst and urination. Add a comment to Tootie's experience. Sophia Grace. Intact female dogs will sometimes develop an infection in their uterus, especially around the time of a heat cycle.

Since I cannot examine her, it would be best to have her examined by a veterinarian to evaluate the discharge and determine if it is normal and she is being aggressive due to hormonal changes, or if she has a problem. I hope that all goes well for her. Add a comment to Sophia Grace's experience.

Cocker Spaniel. Has Symptoms Clear Vaginal Discharge. Female dogs can develop uterine problems as they age, if they are not spayed. I'm not sure if Bella is spayed, but either way she could be having a problem with infection. It would be best to have her examined and determine if she is having a urinary or urogenital issue. Has Symptoms Licking. There is a normal discharge that male dogs have, and there are discharges that are a problem. It would be a good idea to mention it to your veterinarian at your next appointment to see if he is having a problem, or if it is normal.

I hope that all is well for him! Add a comment to Browinie's experience. Has Symptoms Profusely. Profusely licking Swollen. Meghan is not too old to be spayed, no, and she may be having an infection that would make spaying her a good idea. Your veterinarian can assess her general health and give you a better idea as to what might be going on, and they may want to run some blood work before her surgery to make sure that she is otherwise healthy.

I hope that all goes well for her! English Bulldog. Has Symptoms Abdominal Distension. I would have Cooper seen right away by a veterinarian - dogs can get uterine infections that can very quickly become life-threatening. She may have a bladder infection, but with this description, it would be best to have her seen very soon.

Add a comment to Cooper's experience. Eight Years. It is possible that the reduction in urination is a positive sign from the spaying, however if Molly is straining to urinate or is in distress you should return to your Veterinarian for an examination. You should visit your Veterinarian or another Veterinarian to examine her especially if she is straining to urinate. Thank you, Dr. She's much better now! It would be best to get her checked over to be on the safe side as any infection may put not only the pregnancy but Bailey at risk as well.

Add a comment to Bailey's experience. Has Symptoms Not Eating. It sounds like Stormy may have some vaginitis, but without examining her I cannot say for certain; vaginitis is commonly caused by infection but would have shown up on culture and sensitivity tests.

An x-ray or an ultrasound may be useful to confirm whether or not there is a uterine stump pyometra which is a possibility in spayed cats, although very uncommon. Add a comment to stormy's experience. Has Symptoms none. Without seeing the area, I'm not really able to comment on what might be going on with Cami, unfortunately. Since the lesion seems to be getting bigger, and she is licking at it, it would be a good idea to have her seen by a veterinarian, as they will be able to examine her and let you know if there is anything to worry about, or how to treat it.

Add a comment to Cami's experience. Has Symptoms Weakness. This sounds like pyometra which is a severe life threatening infection of the uterus which commonly occurs around four to six weeks after the heat cycle. Mucus might be caused by bladder inflammation, and she may benefit from a urinary diet specifically formulated to help with bladder problems. That may go against the food that she needs to eat for her kidney disease, however.

Fatty acids can sometimes help improve bladder health as well. It might not be a bad idea to get a second opinion, or a referral to a specialist, but there may be multiple things going on with Taylor and your veterinarian may be doing a good job trying to manage them all. Add a comment to Taylor's experience. Has Symptoms Clear discharge. It is possible that this age that Bella is having some urinary incontinence whilst sleeping and may occur in spayed females or in older dogs; another cause may be vaginitis or urinary tract infections.

Without examining Bella I cannot say for certain but you should have her checked over by your Veterinarian if this is becoming a regular issue. Chow Chow.

If Maui is intact and recently had a heat cycle I would be concerned with pyometra whether the male tried to mate with her or not; this would be something to check with your Veterinarian as soon as possible and if you are not planning on mating Maui you should get her spayed regardless.

Add a comment to Maui's experience. It certainly sounds like Ginger may have a pyometra if she is intact which would need to be treated surgically treatment of choice if that is the case; you should ensure that she is kept hydrated and that she is otherwise well but would advise visiting an Emergency Veterinarian to be on the safe side given the severity of the symptoms.

Add a comment to Ginger's experience. Choo choo. Without examining Choo Choo I cannot say whether she is pregnant, has vaginitis or is developing pyometra; it is possible for newly neutered males to still tie and inseminate a female for a month or so after castration.

Add a comment to Choo choo's experience. Has Symptoms Brown discharge. If you mean pyometra, you should still be concerned, yes. That infection will not completely go away, and Dixie needs to be spayed to get rid of the problem.

Until she is spayed, the potential for life-threatening infection will always be there. Add a comment to Dixie's experience. Bella may need an ultrasound of her bladder to rule out any underlying problems, as that is unusual for such a young dog. In an older dog, it would be a good idea to test for resistant bacteria, but she is so young I can't see that happening. If things don't improve for her, it may be a good idea to have a consultation with an internal medicine specialist, as you do want to get to the bottom of her problem.

Has Symptoms fever, tired not normal self. Add a comment to Karma's experience. Has Symptoms Green discharge. Add a comment to Bailey 's experience. That is a long time for her to continue to have discharge. Typically, the show outward signs of heat for days, then remain in heat for days. Add a comment to Dakota's experience.

American Akita. My Puppy started her second round of heat at 11 months old the week before Christmas. Things seemed to go fine, after about 4 weeks she seemed to stop bleeding and our male akita stopped showing interest in her. Its been about a two weeks since she stopped showing signs of being in heat but this afternoon I noticed blood spots on the floor. I check her and the blood appears to be coming from her vulva. I'm not sure what is happening.

My puppy Myah is 10 months old, she just went through her first heat and hasn't bled for about 2 days, ive noticed a white cloudy discharge coming out of her vagina now. I havent noticed anything out of the ordinary when she urinates. Is this normal during their cycle or should i be concerned?

American Pit Bull Terrier. I have a 10 year old female Pit Bull who I have had since she was 3 months old. She has had 2 litters of puppies and is still intact. Over the last few months I have noticed a odor to her urine smells like old fish. I thought with the summer months she was not drinking enough water but no matter how much water I gave her, her urine still smelled. When we take her out she has to stay out for a few minutes longer as she has also started leaking after urination.

Now over the past week she has been bleeding not during heat , it ranges from quarter size drops to sometimes a small puddle and when she urinates now no smells. She is eating and drinking normal, runs around like she is still a pup and has no signs to me of a fever. Does anyone know if this can be something serious? I do not have a lot of money, just had a five year old start kindergarten. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Basset Hound. My basset is a little over a year old and spayed.

She sometimes has clear liquid come out of her vagina. It doesn't smell, isn't all the time and doesn't bother her at all.

Vaginal discharge in a desexed dog | Vet HQ

In contrast, adult-onset vaginitis affects mature spayed female dogs. Vaginitis is inflammation of the vagina. Juvenile vaginitis occurs only in puppies. It does not seem to favor any breed and can occur in any type of dog.

The condition can cause vulvar inflammation, irritation, and discomfort. The dog may frequently lick the area to try to ease the discomfort.

Uncomplicated puppy vaginitis has few signs. It is often discovered incidentally during a veterinary checkup. Signs are typically mild, may come and go, and can include:. For adult dogs, frequent urination or incontinence may be an additional sign of vaginitis, though this can also be due to another issue.

Veterinarians are not entirely sure what causes vaginitis, though there are some factors that may play a role in it. For example, your dog may have a urinary tract infection or a chemical imbalance in her urine that leads to an abundance of pH leading to vaginitis.

Contamination of the vulva and vagina with fecal material is possible because some dogs have a habit of licking the area. Foreign objects and vaginal injury may also cause vaginitis and these cases may become chronic. Vaginitis can occur in dogs with certain medical conditions as well. Finally, severely overweight dogs may experience vaginitis because bacteria and moisture can get trapped in extra folds of skin and tissue, causing irritation.

Signs can show up in puppies as young as 6 to 8 weeks. Female dogs who have been spayed can develop adult-onset vaginitis. Again, there is no breed predisposition and it can occur at any age. If you suspect vaginitis, it's best for a veterinarian to examine your puppy. They will likely perform vaginoscopy, a procedure where a flexible camera is inserted into the vulva and vagina.

This offers a visual examination of the inner walls of the vagina. If there is vaginitis present, that will reveal a reddened surface. A sample of cells from the vagina examined under the microscope will show changes typical for puppy vaginitis as well. For example, they may take a urine sample to check for a urinary tract infection.

The good news is that puppy vaginitis commonly clears up on its own after the dog goes into heat for the first time.

This is a question you should discuss with your vet about your dog. This can be done with an unscented baby wipe or an alcohol-free ear cleaning solution. The goal is to keep the area clean and alleviate any irritation from the discharge. Antibiotics are only necessary if tests for bacteria reveal a higher than normal or unusual population of bacteria. Typically, only adult dogs are prescribed antibiotics if the vet is concerned the infection will not clear up on its own.

If your vet found another medical issue along with vaginitis, that will need to be treated immediately. In many cases, treatment of these other conditions causes the vaginitis to resolve. Some vets recommend daily probiotics for your dog, but this is on a case by case basis.

While healing, some dogs may excessively lick their genital area. Such dogs need to wear an Elizabethan collar to prevent further inflammation and infection. Certain cases of puppy vaginitis may become chronic.

This is frequently due to an abnormality with the anatomy of the female dog's genitals. Vets typically wait until the puppy's first heat to see if chronic vaginitis persists. If the vaginitis continues, surgery may be necessary for severe or complicated cases. Daily cleaning of the vulva is typically all that is needed until the condition resolves on its own.

It is important to check with your vet if you notice changes in the nature of the discharge, if any other signs appear, or the vaginitis doesn't clear up in the time the vet stated. Note that in some cases, male dogs can be especially attracted to female dogs with vaginitis. Keep your dog clear of unwanted attention or touching from male dogs during this time, as it may further complicate her healing. Vaginal discharge that is mucous-like, white to yellow, and usually not heavy Licking the vulva; some dogs may also scoot on the floor to try to ease the irritation Mild irritation of the skin around the vulva.

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Vaginal discharge in a female dog

Vaginal discharge in a female dog

Vaginal discharge in a female dog