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Warrick gil greg fanfiction

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Chapter 38 Warrick gil greg fanfiction thought nothing could be tougher than coming out to his family. I didn't want steak! Contains relationships between characters of different genders i. Chapter 99 All Warrick wanted to do was ride his cowboy. E Eeyore Another Shower? Ryan is Horatio's son Mar. It's all for us by sidle77 reviews Grissom and Sara attempt to rebuild their lives after Basderic destroyed them. He wouldn't feel the sting of tears in his eyes at the thought of losing this Warricck man forever. I have read one where they got trapped in a haunted house No relationship, just Warrick gil greg fanfiction and dealing with crazy stuff : Thank you!! After the Stalker incident Nick can't go to sleep without checking his whole place for intruders or out of place Video erotic sex sexy adult. Chapter 3 4.

Summary: Gregs past comes back to haunt him.

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The Crime Scene Investigation Lab. It's grave yard shift. Throughout the lab there are people working some are sorting through DNA references others are reading through reports. Others are in the gun room firing a suspects weapon from another case to try and match the stria of the bullets to see if they come from the same gun.

In one corner of the lab there is Eclkals office the head of the Crime Scene Investigation lab. He is sitting there going through some reports. Heading round the centre of the lab round to the locker room we find Nick Stokes. He is a CSI level 3. He has short black hair. He is in his late 20's. He has just gotten dressed for his shift. He is wearing dark blue jeans with a tight red jumper. On his belt is his Beretta sidearm on the other side is his CSI badge.

He takes out his Beretta checking it as he looks over to the only other person in the room. Sara Sidle is sitting on the bench looking into her locker she has something in her hand. Sara is in her late 20's too. She is wearing black pants with a white shirt and her CSI black long sleeve jacket to keep her warm. Her black hair is in a part falling it fall either side of her head. Her hair comes down to her shoulders. She sneezed again in the tissue she had in her hand.

She hated being ill but it wasn't going to stop her from working. She loved work and she loved the team she was in. The team Had been together a good couple of years now and had grown very close. So they had still known him the same amount of time. She looked over at Nick Stokes. Nick stokes looked over at Sara. He was worried about her. She would always work. She hadn't had a day off in over a year. Even if she did have a day off she would listen to the police scanner and as soon as she heard a call she would come in.

He had to hand it to her Sara lived for her work. He was just worried that she had gotten burnt out, run down and now she was ill because of it. Sara sneezed loudly again using the tissue to help cover her nose. Nick shook his head putting his Beretta back into his holster and locking it in there. Suddenly Gil Grissom walks past the locker area.

He is in his 50's with grey hair and a grey beard. He is wearing black pants and a black shirt. His CSI badge is hanging round his neck.

He is the boss of the graveyard shift. He is busy looking down at a clip board. He glances into the locker room and sees Sara and Nick. He walks inside the locker room. As Sara turns away from him hiding the tissue behind her leg. And Catherine has a family emergency. We have no other call outs at this point so the next call out is going to be us three.

So I want you to to be ready. Gil Grissom turns and begins to head out. He just gets outside the door looking at his notes again. When he hears a sneeze. He stops and turns round heading back into the locker room. I can't risk you contaminating a scene because you sneezed.

I'm sending you home. Grissom turns and walks out the door as Sara takes her CSI jacket off and puts it back in her locker getting her blue demin jacket out. Gil Grissom steps back into the doorway. That should help and ease your nose. Grissom smiles and walks away looking back down at his clip board. As Sara reaches into her locker to get her bag out and go home.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sit back and watch as the Las Vegas crew deal with a killer unlike any before. Taking Gil's team to breaking point as he kidnaps a CSI. Gil runs out of evidence and then what befalls his team. Watch as your favourite characters fight with everything they have to save them, set after Stokes Buried Alive series. You know you should really be home in bed trying to get better.

Sara Sidle smiled back at him. It's nothing should go away in a couple of hours. Am great couldn't be better. You don't mind getting our call out from Grissom do you? Grissom spots the tissue in Sara's hand and looks over at Nick. Nick Stokes heads out the locker room. As Grissom steps towards Sara. Am ok. Really am good.

It will be gone in a few hours. If you feel better tomorrow come in tomorrow night. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9. Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Nick and Warrick do so in style. Chapter 30 Also, the Grissom family aren't the only ones who will be dealing with life's curveballs. Chapter 64 Jim, I would have thought that at your age, you would've had enough sense to not start this!

Warrick gil greg fanfiction

Warrick gil greg fanfiction. Nick/Warrick Stories

The team goes out to dance, and Greg ends up in Nick's arms Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. Hamilton , House M. It's not easy, especially since they're both not really over it. High school AU inspired by badwolfrun's amazing tumblr. Post Grave Danger: Nick and Greg finally got together and are about to experince their first time together but Nick is nervous and ashamed of the scars the ant-bites left on his skin.

The team goes out for drinks and the evening ends with Nick coming out to his colleagues in a different way than he had planned not that he had ever planned to. Nick gets sleep paralysis one night and thinks someone's in his house Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. I Love You California. Love, Texas.

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Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Previous Share Next. This list is all about quantity. Oh, and try to leave feedback for the authors. They like that kind of stuff. Angelise Unseen Agony Greg comes to Warrick's defense. And then someone else likes him.

Benny Pain Beyond Hurt What happens when things go wrong. Warrick was Life Was Good Ring inscriptions. To Be Destroyed "When you think of explosion, you think to fall apart, to be destroyed.

Sordid Truth No summary. Can You Feel the Beat? Warrick and Greg run into each other at a club. When things get too hard to handle in Vegas, Greg runs to Pittsburgh and the person that knows him best, his longtime friend, Justin Taylor.

Little does he know, running away will have serious consequences. Dresses and Gowns Drabble. Greg's in the hospital. Dresses and Gowns Revisited Convo-only. Greg's in the hospital and wants to leave. He and Warrick talk. Lots of randomness. As the years pass, Greg and Warrick seem to find each other again and again. If You Were Mine Greg lays his cards on the table. Kinda Cute Greg's turning 39 and he's kind of freaking out. Kinda Romantic Drabble. Warrick and Greg dance. Living Is Experiencing Drabble.

People don't understand the attraction. Mother, Mother Greg's mother comes into town to spend time with her son and the new man in his life. Nick notices something different about his best two friends.

Summer Was Won Warrick just wants to go home, and he's counting the seconds as his shift drags on. Sunday Mornings Sunday mornings are about as perfect as the world gets. When his family chooses Las Vegas as their vacation destination, Greg decides the city has nothing to offer an eighteen-year-old.

Way Off Beat Drabble. Warrick says "I Love You" for the first time. Matchmaker Nick plays matchmaker. Memories Warrick comforts Greg after he has nightmares. Safe In His Arms Warrick comes home to a pleasant surprise.

Undulating Warrick comes home to a pleasant surprise. Nikki M. Warricks muses. Aftershock How to deal after a surprising event. Calming Down No summary. In the Field Drabble. Inspiration Greg's doing NaNo. Warrick is his muse. Twist-Dip-Tease Slow night at the lab. Rostand Nothing to Something Ah, alcohol. The lubricant of love. Greg and Warrick get tanked and do some "make bonding. Cracks in the Surface Sleep should come easy. Nothing Else words about black shirts and building a life together.

Times Like These Time's a luxury they don't have. After the explosion, Greg is covered with glass and bleeding, Warrick realizes it might just be to late A Moment's First Kiss No summary. Anniversary Surprises No summary. Best Surprise No summary. Big Kids with Big Toys What's really in their closet? Blindfolded Angel Blindfolds are fun. Comforting Hand No summary. Guess Who's Coming for a Visit No summary.

Handcuffing Bastard Oh handcuffs are cold. Night Time Visit Someone is watching them. Price to Pay No summary. Queen in the Morning No summary. Stuck in the Middle With You No summary. The Choices He Made No summary. The End is Here No summary. The Perfect Sunrise No summary. Together No summary. Late Night Why is Greg not at home with his lovers? Santa to the Rescue Gil, unknowingly, volunteers Greg to work Xmas.

The Color of Jealousy is Greg gets upset about the Valentine gifts given to his lovers. The Present It's Gil's birthday and Greg gives a present and receives one in return.

Dayna Christmas Treats Warrick has a little Christmas surprise for his lovers. The Loft Three guys having a good time. Nick blushes a lot. It's all you have to go on. For that matter, what do Nick, Warrick, and Gil really want as well? Post a new comment Error. We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously. Post a new comment. Preview comment.

Post a new comment 29 comments. Mondays at the Office. Unseen Agony. Expect The Unexpected. Warrick Is Early. Pain Beyond Hurt. To Be Destroyed. Muller, my English teacher. Touch of My Hand. The Bet. Magnetic Relations.

Warrick gil greg fanfiction

Warrick gil greg fanfiction

Warrick gil greg fanfiction